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Volume VI, #103
March 4, 2008

"I am just bamboozled by that."

-- Steve Miller, a spokesman for Sunflower, a co-op that wants to build two coal-fired power plants in western Kansas, expressed surprise over Missouri's decision to pursue clean energy instead of new coal.

In this issue

1) Take Action: Did Your Representative Vote for Clean Energy?
2) Take Action: Tell EPA to Protect us from Formaldehyde!
3) Tune In: Sierra Club TV Series, Breathless in LA
4)Energy:Missouri Moves Beyond Coal

1) Take Action: Did Your Representative Vote for Clean Energy?
The House recently passed a clean energy tax incentive package that redirects billions of dollars in tax subsidies away from Big Oil and toward clean, renewable energy industries.

Extending these tax credits is absolutely crucial for sustaining the booming renewable energy industry and the jobs that it provides.

Currents action alert arrow Find out if your Representative voted to extend clean energy tax incentives and hold them accountable for their vote!

2) Take Action:Tell EPA to Protect us from Formaldehyde!
As the first group to discover the toxicity of FEMA trailers in April 2006, the Sierra Club has taken a lead role in fighting for better disaster assistance and emergency housing. Now we are asking the EPA to adopt nationwide standards to protect people from toxic formaldehyde, which is commonly used in paneling, flooring, cabinets, furniture, countertops, molding, and doors. More people have been harmed by formaldehyde in FEMA emergency housing than were harmed by Hurricane Katrina.

If you are experiencing problems from formaldehyde, please email to learn more.

Currents action alert arrow

Tell EPA to protect us from formaldehyde!

3) Tune In: Sierra Club TV Series, Breathless in LA
One of the busiest points of entry in America, the Port of Los Angeles handles more than 40% of all goods imported into the United States. With all that activity comes pollution from arriving and departing ships, trains and trucks.

Tune in tonight to watch the Sierra Club Chronicles, Breathless in LA on the Sundance Channel and follow activist Jesse Marquez and members of the Wilmington Coalition for a Safe Environment as they fight to improve living conditions near the Port.

See what other committed individuals are doing across the country and find out how you can help.

4) Energy: Missouri Moves Beyond Coal
coalYesterday, Associated Electric Cooperative, one of the nation’s largest and most respected rural electric cooperatives announced they are "postponing indefinitely" their plans to build a massive new coal-fired power plant near Norborne, Missouri. The cooperative, which provides power to more than 850,000 customers in Missouri, Oklahoma and Iowa, will be pursuing wind and energy efficiency instead of coal.

Learn the Dirty Truth About Coal and find out more about how Missouri is moving beyond it.


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