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March 11, 2008

Virginia Cramer, 202-675-6279

Coal Plant Catch Up
Bill Halts New Coal Plants until Coal Technology Catches Up with Clean Rhetoric

Under a new bill introduced today by Representatives Henry Waxman and Edward Markey, only coal plants using state-of-the-art technology will be able to move forward. The bill would ensure that all new coal plants address global warming pollution by capturing and storing at least 85% of their carbon dioxide emissions. The bill would also ensure that any new coal plants that do not capture and store their carbon will not be given free pollution allowances under any future global warming legislation.

In response Bruce Nilles, Director of the Sierra Club’s National Coal Campaign, issued the following statement.

“This bill takes a common sense approach to our energy future. Everyone realizes that federal global warming legislation is coming; this bill recognizes that and forces us to look before we leap into a new generation of coal-fired power plants.

“Before we move forward with new coal plants we need to make sure that they will be viable, affordable energy options in the new energy future we are creating. We need to make sure that the technology to capture and store carbon is feasible and in place. Otherwise we could end up locked in to another 50 years of dirty power that negates all of our other efforts to improve public health and fight global warming. 

“The coal industry has announced it is spending more than $35 million to try to convince the American people that coal can be burned cleanly.  This bill holds them to their rhetoric and will demonstrate whether there is any truth behind the industry’s slick public relations campaign.

“Because of the rising cost of coal and new coal plants, it is imperative that while we are evaluating the role coal should play in our energy future, we should continue to move forward with the clean, affordable energy solutions that are available today, like wind and solar power. Investing in these clean energy technologies today can keep our lights on, save us money and create jobs, all while fighting global warming. ”   


The Sierra Club’s National Coal Campaign is working to ensure coal is mined responsibly and burned cleanly. Across the country the Campaign is fighting to stop the construction of dirty new coal plants and direct the proposed investments into energy efficiency, renewable resources and other clean alternatives. For more information about the threat posed to our health and our environment visit

A copy of the bill can be found at:

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