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Volume VI, #106
March 25, 2008

"There isn't sufficient evidence to justify a tightening of [the annual soot] standard."

-- William L. Wehrum, EPA's acting assistant administrator for air and radiation’s excuse for implementing a weak soot standard

In this issue

1) Take Action: Don't Exempt Factory Farms from Right-to-Know Laws
2) Take Action: Protect Wilderness for Everyone
3) Film Your Issue: Win Your Two Minutes of Fame and a Ton of Other Great Prizes!
4) Global Warming: New Research Shows Soot as a Major Cause

1) Take Action: Don't Exempt Factory Farms from Right-to-Know Laws
A new special interest provision put forth by the Environmental Protection Agency would allow factory farms to release toxic chemicals into our air without notifying local communities at risk.

Congress intended for the public to have the right to know about large releases of toxic chemicals, but under the EPA's plan factory farms -- some of which can release millions of pounds of hazardous chemicals, like ammonia and hydrogen sulfide -- would be allowed a free pass.

Currents action alert arrow Tell the EPA not to exempt factory farms from right-to-know laws!

2) Take Action: Protect Wilderness for Everyone
The Senate is currently considering a wilderness bill that includes many important provisions for protecting and preserving America's public lands heritage.

This bipartisan omnibus public lands bill will permanently protect the Wild Sky Wilderness, recognize the life and accomplishments of Cesar Chavez, and includes many other important public lands provisions.

Currents action alert arrow

Tell your Senators to protect America’s public lands heritage!

3) Film Your Issue:Win Your Two Minutes of Fame and a Ton of Other Great Prizes!
Want to win $5,000 and be on MTV? Then enter the Film Your Issue competition! An unprecedented consortium of global media and cause organizations are behind a new global competition for 2 min. films on pressing contemporary issues. Anyone age 14 to 24 is eligible, so add your voice to the public dialogue and earn two minutes of fame for your cause.

Register to enter and see a full list of the amazing prizes at

4) Global Warming: New Research Shows Soot as a Major Cause
New research published this week in Nature Geoscience shows that after carbon dioxide, soot is the largest contributor to global warming.

The research also shows that quickly reducing the amount of soot in our air -- an achievable goal since reducing soot requires no new technology, only strengthened regulations -- can buy valuable time in the fight against global warming. And since 40% of soot comes from power sources like coal and oil (whose facilities also produce carbon dioxide) switching to cleaner energy sources can provide double the bang for our buck.

Learn more about the benefits of moving beyond coal.


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