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RAW: Uncooked Truth, Beyond Belief

Issue #248
March 28, 2008
The April Fools at EPA
Josh Dorner

The Environmental Protection Agency has come under relentless pressure to do something -- anything -- about global warming, particularly after the Supreme Court ordered it to do so. And the Agency has indeed been busy, at least when it comes to finding new and interesting ways to stonewall Congress and block action on global warming.

As the one year anniversary of the Supreme Court's decision in the landmark global warming case approaches next Wednesday, EPA has yet to act (except to thwart the plans of California and other states), and all signs have pointed toward continued inaction. Until last week, that is.

Word leaked out that the right-wing minions at the Heritage Foundation had launched a campaign to lobby Members of Congress to lobby EPA against doing what the Supreme Court all but ordered it to do -- make the eminently obvious determination that, lo and behold, global warming pollution and the effects of global warming do indeed endanger public health and welfare.

It's surprising that there was a stonewalling technique that EPA hadn't already used, but the ever-industrious folks at Heritage stumbled upon one. They suggested that instead of actually doing something, EPA should instead give notice that later this year at some point they might possibly be considering some sort of possible regulation of some global warming emissions, possibly. 

And what do you know -- less than a week later EPA Administrator Johnson, not one to be coy about transparently doing the bidding of polluters and other special interests, announced that, instead of doing something, that EPA would give notice that later this year at some point they might possibly be considering some sort of possible regulation of some global warming emissions, possibly. 
In addition to inflaming tempers on Capitol Hill, EPA's announcement caused a few gaskets to blow around our office -- including mine. It also kicked the legendary Sierra Club legal machine into high gear. We'll be celebrating the one-year anniversary of Mass. v. EPA, by joining with our fellow enviros and over a dozen states to drag EPA back to court and prove to them once and for all that they can't simply ignore the Supreme Court.

Some say Earth Day every day. Leave it to the Bush Administration to make it April Fool's Day every day when it comes to the environment.

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