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Sierra Club Currents - Angling for Protection
Volume VI, #41
Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Quote of Note:

"Countless New Mexicans have worked tirelessly to ensure the permanent protection of this remarkable treasure for generations to come, and passage of this bill is a testament to their efforts."

-- Representative Tom Udall (D-NM), author of the Valle Vidal Protection Act of 2005

(1) Victory at Valle Vidal: Angling for Protection
(2) Gulf Coast: Saving Cypress Could Boost Economy
(3) Take Action: Don't Let Polluters Off the Hook!
(4) Take Action: Protect our Coasts!

(1) Victory at Valle Vidal: Angling for Protection

Valle Vidal VictoryUnder pressure from sportsmen, ranchers and environmentalists in New Mexico, Congress passed a law Thursday protecting Valle Vidal, part of the Carson National Forest, from oil and gas drilling. Under the new law, 101,794 acres of federal property known for its breathtaking mountain valleys and elk herds will be preserved, ensuring the land and the wildlife will be protected for future generations of hunters, anglers, hikers and outdoor lovers.

Read more about how this unusual alliance banded together to protect a natural treasure.

(2) Gulf Coast: Saving Cypress Could Boost Economy

A campaign launched by the Sierra Club and other environmentalists this week to stop the destruction of valuable cypress forests, is encouraging national chains like Home Depot and Lowe's to sell pine straw instead of cypress mulch. Pine straw provides the same benefits as cypress mulch, without damaging the coastal cypress forests which provide huge economic, environmental and recreational benefits to the Gulf Coast. By helping to reign in the harvest of cypress trees, national chains can help speed Gulf Coast recovery and boost local economies, all while saving the environment.

Read more about the Save the Cypress Campaign.

(Photo courtesy of USFWS)

(3) Take Action: Don't Let Polluters Off the Hook!

In the last days before the new Congress takes over, Senator Domenici is attempting to pass an amendment that would let large factory farms off the hook for polluting our water. The amendment would exempt factory farms from health and environmental laws and burden communities, rather than the livestock operations, with the costs of cleaning up drinking water contaminated with livestock waste.

Hold Polluters Accountable!

(Photo courtesy USDA)

(4) Take Action: Protect our Coasts!

The Minerals Management Service (MMS), the agency that oversees oil and gas drilling in federal offshore waters, released a new plan that would open up for the first time about two million acres in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico and prepare for leasing areas off Virginia's coast and in Alaska's famous salmon fishing grounds in Bristol Bay. This is the last week for comment before these precious areas lose protections.

Act now to protect our fragile coasts!

(Photo courtesy of USFWS)


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