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April 1, 2008: In This Edition of the Insider
  • How Green Is Your PC?
  • International Save the Woolly Mammoths Day
  • Who's the Biggest Fossil Fool?
  • Toxic Trailers Testimony
  • Power 2 Change
  • Sacred Mountain Wins Reprieve
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    Test Your Green PC Knowledge
    The last time we checked, Americans were using well over 200 million personal computers. You're probably reading this on one of them. Do all those PCs affect the environment? You'd better believe it.

    Don't be a PC fool: Test your green PC knowledge with our simple quiz.

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    Too Hot for Mammoths?
    Things are getting hairy for mammoths, but April 1, 2008 is International Save the Woolly Mammoths Day.

    Sign our petition before time runs out for nature's shaggiest pachyderms.

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    Hey Mr. Green

    Who's the Biggest Fossil Fool of All?
    Who's contributed more to fossil fuel pollution than anyone else? The CEO of General Motors or of ExxonMobil? The premier of Alberta, Canada? The Sierra Student Coalition is one of many groups participating in the annual Fossil Fools Day awards, the winner of which will be announced today. Nominees for the top prize, to be given to the individual who has made the most significant contribution over the past year to the development and dissemination of fossil fuel-related pollution.

    Who's the biggest Fossil Fool of all? Find out now!

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    Trashing Trailers on the Hill
    Sierra Club formaldehyde campaign director Becky Gillette is testifying today at a House Committee hearing to address toxic formaldehyde in FEMA trailers. With natural-disaster victims continuing to suffer the health effects of exposure to formaldehyde, the Sierra Club will call for a thorough review of federal agencies' foolish handling of the formaldehyde problems and push for tougher standards.

    As the first organization to discover the toxicity of FEMA trailers, the Sierra Club has taken a lead role in fighting for better disaster assistance and emergency housing. Visit for more information.

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    Power 2 Change
    Power 2 Change is Sierra Club's national clean energy advocacy campaign to educate the public about what is at stake in the 2008 elections.

    Through national and local earned media events, grassroots and on-line organizing in nine key states, and aggressive outreach on the internet, the Power 2 Change campaign will define the contrast between competing visions of our energy future, position clean energy as an economic driver, and underscore the importance of the commitment of our leaders up and down the ticket -- including a new President -- to moving America in a new direction toward a clean energy economy.

    Learn more at the Power 2 Change website.

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    A Reprieve for Mount Taylor
    Thanks to the efforts of a coalition of Native American tribes and an assist from the Sierra Club, New Mexico's Mount Taylor has won a temporary reprieve from exploratory uranium mining.

    The 11,300-foot mountain is sacred to numerous tribes, which still live with radiation threats from more than 1,000 mine sites abandoned after the Cold War. "[The reprieve] is very significant for the tribes in learning how to work together to protect special places on public lands," says Sierra Club Environmental Justice organizer Robert Tohe, a Navajo.

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    Glaciers, Grizzlies, and Ghost Towns
    Kayak Prince William Sound, hike on Root Glacier, and explore Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Cordova. What's not to like?

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    What Famous Author Went Where?
    Feeling footloose, Sherlock? Sierra magazine's 12th Annual Travel Contest offers a chance to win $1,000 toward a Sierra Club trip and some more prizes to boot. Decipher the clues to figure out what famous author went where, and you might be a winner.

    You can enter online, but don't dawdle -- the deadline is the end April 30th. No foolin'.

    Why Coal Must Be Stopped
    Two years ago, plans were on the table to build 150 new coal-fired power plants in the U.S. But the Sierra Club has succeeded in stopping many of them, and investing in coal no longer looks like such a bright idea.
    Watch our latest One-Minute Energy Intelligence video, where Sierra Club Executive Director Carl Pope talks how we're stopping coal and why.


    Keep Clean Energy Incentives
    Now that our Senators are back in Washington, DC, they'll be voting on a bill that could dramatically expand clean, affordable, renewable energy in our country by extending tax incentives for industries such as wind, solar, biomass, and geothermal. We've made it super easy to call and tell them you think that's a good idea, and so far more than 500 folks have done exactly that.

    If you haven't called yet, now's the time!

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