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Volume VI, #110
April 22, 2008

“We don't always see eye to eye, but we do agree our country must take action to address climate change."

-- Speaker Pelosi and Speaker Gingrich, in a new television ad showing that people from different political parties can work together to fight global warming.

In this issue

1) Take Action: Say No to the Yazoo Pumps
2) Take Action: Spend Money to Make Money
3) Sierra Sportsmen: New Online Network Launched
4) Earth Day: We Can Do It!

1) Take Action: Say No to the Yazoo Pumps
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, with the support of some members of Congress, is proposing a massive, destructive drainage plan called the Yazoo Pumps project in the Mississippi Delta. If implemented, the Yazoo Pumps would be the world's largest pumping system, cost the taxpayers $220 million, and drain 200,000 acres of hardwood forest and critical fish and wildlife habitat.

EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson has the power to veto this project, putting an end to the Corps' plans

Currents action alert arrow Urge the EPA to veto the Yazoo Pumps project.

2) Take Action: Spend Money to Make Money
Buying products that will increase our nation's energy efficiency and our use of renewable energy is good for our economy and good for our environment. Using your family stimulus checks to change out incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent lamps, replace old drafty windows and doors, or upgrade to more efficient appliances can lower energy bills, pump money into the economy, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions that scientists say are responsible for global warming.

Currents action alert arrow

Voice your support for H.R. 987, which urges all Americans to use their stimulus checks to spend money to make money and stop global warming.

3) Sierra Sportsmen: New Online Network Launched
The Sierra Club has launched a new campaign to connect the 20% of our members who hunt and fish with sportsmen across the country who care about conservation.

The new online network, will serve as a hub for hunters and anglers, allowing them to reach across state lines and connect with each other, find out about conservation issues that affect them, help pass on outdoor tradition to the next generation, restore local streams, protect game habitat and fight global warming.

And we’re kicking it all off with a photo contest.

Enter now to win $500 in prizes.

4) Earth Day: We Can Do It!
Earth Day!With a modified image of the iconic Rosie the Riveter holding a compact fluorescent lightbulb, this year Sierra Club activists around the country will celebrate Earth Day by highlighting local examples of green leadership to show that "We Can Do It" -- there are local public officials, businesses and individuals who are already realizing the benefits of clean energy to the economy, jobs and the environment.

Find out how you can get involved for Earth Day in your area, and how to make a difference in your own life every day through videos, downloadable posters of Rosie, fact sheets, quizzes and more.


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