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Volume VI, #113
May 13, 2008

“We can protect California's environment at the same time we pump up our economy.”

-- California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on the Tejon Ranch deal

In this issue

1) Take Action: Urge Congress to Fight Global Warming
2) Take Action: Speak Up for Wyoming’s Wolves
3) Conservation: Sierra Club, Developers Reach Historic Agreement
4) Energy: 20% by 2030

1) Take Action: Urge Congress to Fight Global Warming
We all know that global warming is real and that we need to act now. Congress is getting the message. The Senate is poised to take action on global warming later this year and the House is working to develop its own policy solutions.

Our Representatives need to stand up for strong and effective solutions.

Ask your Representative to endorse principles calling for strong, fair legislation that will do what scientists tell us is necessary to fight global warming.

Currents action alert arrow Ask them to sign on today.

2) Take Action: Speak Up for Wyoming's Wolves
Wolves are an important part of life in the West. And they are a prominent tourist attraction in the northern Rockies, bringing in more than $35 million annually to the region.

Now Wyoming's concessions to anti-wolf extremists threaten to send wolves sliding back toward extinction. The state also stands to lose tourism revenue and ecological health by continuing to allow the slaughter of wolves.

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Speak Up for Wyoming's Wolves!

3) Conservation: Sierra Club, Developers Reach Historic Agreement
After years of negotiations with developers, the Sierra Club and its conservation partners reached an historic agreement that will protect a staggering 240,000 acres of land in southern California from development.

The area, known as Tejon Ranch, is eight times the size of San Francisco and includes desert, woodlands, Joshua trees and California condors. Because it spans four distinct ecoregions, Tejon Ranch provides a resilient habitat that will help wildlife like bighorn sheep migrate and adapt in the face of global warming.

Read more about the Sierra Club's work to protect resilient habitats.

4) Energy: 20% by 2030
Wind FarmYesterday the Department of Energy released a new report that provides a road map for how the US can produce 20 percent of its electricity from wind by 2030. The report documents how we can reduce carbon dioxide emissions from electricity generation 25 percent by 2030 by investing in wind energy, and create almost 500,000 jobs in the U.S. while doing it.

The report also found that by increasing our use of wind we could increase annual revenues to local communities to more than $1.5 billion.

Read the whole report


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