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Volume VI, #114
May 20, 2008

"Polar bears are one of nature's ultimate survivors, able to live and thrive in one of the world's harshest environments, but we are concerned the polar bears' habitat may literally be melting."

--Secretary of the Interior Dirk Kempthorne voicing concern about the future of the polar bear, despite recognizing the threat has done nothing to help protect the bears.

In this issue

1) Take Action: Protect Our Kids from Toxic Toys
2) Take Action: Be Part of the National Day of Action
3) Endangered Species: Polar Bears Need Help Now More Than Ever
4) Logging: Federal Court Rules to Protect Sierra Forests 

1) Take Action: Protect Our Kids from Toxic Toys
Our children deserve strong standards to protect them from toxic chemicals in toys. Right now the House and Senate are negotiating final details of the Consumer Product Safety Commission Reform Act.

Currents action alert arrow Tell the negotiating team to keep this important legislation strong so that our kids are safe!

2) Take Action: Be Part of the National Day of Action
Today over 100 organizations and companies (including the Sierra Club!) are asking their members and employees to write to their members of Congress urging them to extend clean energy tax incentives. These incentives which have expired or will expire at the end of the year create jobs, help consumers save money on their energy bills, and cut global warming pollution.

Every day that passes without an extension places more green jobs at risk, and the pending expiration of the tax incentives is slowing down our transition to a clean energy economy.

Currents action alert arrow

Tell congress that time has run out.

3) Endangered Species: Polar Bears Need Help Now More Than Ever
After months of delay, last week the Interior Department finally listed polar bears under the Endangered Species Act. But now that the Bush administration has admitted polar bears to the ER, they're denying them treatment. Last week's listing decision is riddled with loopholes and does nothing to protect the polar bear from the biggest threats to its survival: Oil drilling and global warming.

Tell Congress to pick up the slack and take real action to save this magnificent creature.

Currents action alert arrow

Support HR 6057, The Polar Bear Seas Protection Act.

4) Logging: Federal Court Rules to Protect Sierra Forests
A federal court halted a Bush Administration plan late last week that called for a more than fivefold increase in logging across the Sierra range. The plan, claimed to reduce wildfire risk, but actually increased the risk by targeting large fire-resistant trees and shifting fire prevention resources away from communities. The court ruling makes safety, not profit the bottom line.

Learn more about protecting our forests from fires and other threats.


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