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May 27, 2008: In This Edition of the Insider
  • Seven Wonders for a Cool Planet
  • California Land Protection Victory
  • Sierra Club Radio Going Strong
  • Environmental Success in India
  • Leave No Child Left Inside
  • Four More Days to Win
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    Which One's Coolest of Them All?
    Seven Wonders for a Cool Planet is a new title from Sierra Club Books that examines uber-nifty but commonplace technologies that can help us achieve a sustainable future. Each one's cool -- but we want to know which one you think is really the coolest. Because this planet could use a little more cool these days. So, is a bicycle cooler than a ceiling fan? Can either one beat a clothesline?

    Cast your vote now!

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    A California Treasure Protected
    Tejon Ranch After years of legal wrangling, the Sierra Club and partner groups this month announced a deal to protect the largest contiguous parcel of land designated for conservation in California history -- 240,000 acres of stunningly diverse landscapes on the privately owned Tejon Ranch south of Bakersfield.

    At 375 square miles, the preserve of desert, woodlands, and grasslands is eight times the size of San Francisco and nearly the size of Los Angeles. It also ties together several diverse habitats -- meaning that native wildlife and plants in Southern California will have a better chance to adapt to climate change.

    Image Credit: Bill Corcoran

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    Sierra Club Radio: A Spirited 76
    Wow, have there been 76 episodes of Sierra Club Radio already? Better believe it, and every single one is available through our website (for free!) and you can even listen to it as a podcast on iTunes. Host Orli Cotel has conducted hundreds of interviews for the show but, when pressed to name some favorites, she mentions Thomas Friedman, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Nancy Pelosi, Bonnie Raitt, and Alice Waters.

    Who would YOU like to hear interviewed on Sierra Club Radio? We're looking for nominations of all types -- politicians, writers, green business leaders, celebrities, and grassroots activists. Let us know in the comments what guest you'd like to hear from today!

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    Recognizing Environmental Success in India
    The Sierra Club has announced a new $100,000 "Green Energy and Green Livelihoods Award" for outstanding environmental success by nongovernmental organizations in India. The purpose of the award is to
    help build public support for community organizations in India that are helping the country leapfrog past polluting and inefficient technologies to create green jobs and a green economy. The first award should go to an exemplary environmental organization early next year.

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    Building Bridges for Kids
    The Sierra Club believes that every child has a right to a special place in nature. Building Bridges to the Outdoors seeks to give every child in America the opportunity to have an outdoor experience. Connecting children with nature is a neighborhood investment for all of us and, by working together, we can make sure that no child will be left inside.

    Hear Desperate Housewives star Marcia Cross talk about why the outdoors is important to her as a mother.

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    Four Days to Go, Sportsmen
    Calling all sportsmen -- you have only until May 31 to enter your photos into the Sierra Sportsmen photo contest. Remember, there are four prizes for $500 gift certificates to Patagonia and Bass Pro Shops -- don't miss out!

    Enter here.

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    It's a Green, Green World
    Sierra magazine's advice columnist Mr. Green was profiled recently on TV20, but the big news is that you can now subscribe to his podcast via iTunes (just search for "Hey Mr. Green").

    And that cute little book of his? We can barely keep them on the shelves.

    Enough already -- pretty soon he'll want his own bicycle-parking space! 


    We're Facebook Friendly
    Here's a new reason to get on Facebook: You can now take action (and more!) with our new Sierra Club Action Center. It lets you use Facebook to keep current on the latest actions needed to protect the planet.

    Plus, you can give your friends cool green gifts, like the field of windmills above.

    Got a Minute?

    Memo to Wall Street: Coal Is Risky
    Even if energy efficiency and renewables take off like, well, the wind, we can't make meaningful progress on curbing global warming unless we also prevent proposed coal-fired power plants from being built.

    Check out the latest of our One-Minute Energy Intelligence videos, where Carl Pope talks about how we've succeeded in stopping new coal plants and making coal a bigger gamble for investors.


    Beef Up That Bill!
    We all know that global warming is real and that we need to act now. Congress is getting the message. The Senate is poised to take action in June when it considers the Climate Security Act. But there is an urgent need to strengthen this global warming bill as it moves forward.

    Let your Senators know this matters!

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