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Volume VI, #115
May 27, 2008

"The window of opportunity for starting the mitigation efforts needed to achieve the 2 degree target will close by the middle of next decade."

-- Karl-Heinz Florenz, author of a new European Parliament report calling for faster action on global warming.

In this issue

1) Take Action: Looking for Local Heroes
2) Take Action: Urge Congress to Strengthen Global Warming Bill
3) Toxins: Emergency Housing Tests High for Toxic Formaldehyde
4) Sierra Sportsmen: T-4 Days and Counting

1) Take Action: Looking for Local Heroes
"This Brave Nation," a new Internet documentary series will be premiering June 1. The series highlights the work of ten activists with a commitment to making a difference, and the very first episode will feature the Sierra Club's own Carl Pope in conversation with environmental and social justice leader Van Jones.

This Brave Nation is still looking for two young, local activist heroes to feature in the series’ sixth episode.

Do you know a young hero?

If so, nominate them here!

2) Take Action: Urge Congress to Strengthen Global Warming Bill
We all know that global warming is real and that we need to act now. Congress is getting the message. The Senate is poised to take action in June when it considers the Climate Security Act. There is an urgent need to strengthen this global warming bill as it moves forward.

Our Senators must stand up for strong and effective solutions to global warming. The urgency of the problem requires that we act fast and effectively. A strong global warming bill must drive emissions reductions in a way that strengthens a clean energy economy, meets science-based standards and is fair to American families and workers.

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Please encourage your Senators to vote for strengthening changes to the bill.

3) Toxins: Emergency Housing Tests High for Toxic Formaldehyde
The Mississippi Cottages developed as an alternative to the toxic Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) trailers and mobile homes may have unacceptably high formaldehyde levels themselves, according to new test results released by the Sierra Club in Mississippi.  Families currently live in at least 2,500 Cottages, and many more still live in FEMA trailers or mobile homes, including those that have been purchased by the occupants. Many of these people are sick from high formaldehyde levels.

As the first organization to discover the toxicity of FEMA trailers, the Sierra Club has taken a lead role in fighting for better disaster assistance and emergency housing. Visit for more information.

4) Sierra Sportsmen: T-4 Days and Counting
As mining, drilling, development and global warming increasingly threaten quality hunting and fishing opportunities, more and more sportsmen are joining forces with conservationists to protect wildlife and wild places. The Sierra Club is doing its part through its new Sierra Sportsmen Network. And to get things started right we’re holding a photo contest--with $500 prizes to Patagonia or Bass Pro Shops.

There are only four days left to enter your hunting or fishing photos so send them in today.


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