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Sierra Club Currents - Big Oil's Last Gasp
Volume VI, #43
Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Quote of Note:

"While it is clear that the United States must become more energy independent, such independence must not come at the cost of the fragile ecosystems and vital tourism economy of our coast."

- North Carolina Governor Mike Easley (D)

(1) Offshore Drilling: Big Oil's Last Gasp
(2) Climate Pact: Spokane Becomes Next Cool City
(3) Take Action: Stand Up for Public Lands!
(4) Take Action: Have a Greener Holiday!

(1) Offshore Drilling: Big Oil's Last Gasp

In a sign that drilling proponents did not have enough votes to secure passage, a last ditch effort to open up the Gulf Coast to oil and gas drilling was pulled from the calendar today. The bill would have jeopardized precious coastal areas that currently contribute $300 million to local economies through commercial and sport fishing. As the lame duck session of Congress comes to an end, it's time to make a fresh start that will end outrageous subsidies to Big Oil and jump-start investments in energy efficiency and clean, renewable energy.

Learn more about smart energy solutions.

Photo courtesy USFWS.

(2) Climate Pact: Spokane Becomes Next Cool City

The city of Spokane, Washington is the latest to join over 330 cities across the nation who are taking action to fight global warming. By signing on to the Mayors Climate Protection Agreement and becoming a Cool City, Spokane pledges to significantly cut its global warming pollution. Through smart energy solutions, like encouraging mass transit and hybrid vehicles, and improving efficiency, the city is leading the way toward a safer, more secure energy future.

Find out if your city is a Cool City.

(3) Take Action: Stand Up for Public Lands!

In a lame attempt to sneak bad legislation through the lame-duck Congress, Senator Bob Bennett (R-UT) and Representative Jim Matheson (D-UT) have introduced a bill which would sell off nearly 40 square miles of public lands to fund millions in pork projects that will accelerate sprawl in southwestern Utah. The bill, the Washington County Growth and Conservation Act (S.3636-HR 5769) threatens to destroy vast wilderness lands in the Zion-Mojave region, landscapes of towering sandstone cliffs, high desert mountains, and untrammeled stretches of the Mojave Desert. This is the last week of the 109th Congress and our last stand to protect public lands.

Stand Up for Public Lands!

Photo courtesy Betsy Goll/Sierra Club Collection

(4) Take Action: Have a Greener Holiday!

Why not add the planet to your gift list this year? By making eco-friendly choices, like buying LED lights, you can celebrate the season in style while protecting the environment and saving money. The energy saving LED lights use 90% less energy than regular bulbs and can save you up to $50 on your holiday energy bills.

Read more tips on how to have a green holiday!




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