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Volume VI, #116
June 2, 2008

"A three-year delay of this report is sadly fitting for an administration that has wasted seven years denying the real threat of global climate change."

-- Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) on the White House climate report

In this issue

1) Take Action: Tell Detroit to Speed It Up
2) Take Action: Urge Congress to Strengthen Global Warming Bill
3) Report: Job Opportunities for the Green Economy
4) White House: Better Late than Never, Climate Change Report

1) Take Action: Tell Detroit to Speed It Up
The biggest single step we can take to cut global warming pollution is to improve the fuel economy of our cars -- and to do it on a much faster timeline than the Bush Administration wants.

We're being squeezed by gas prices now.

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We need the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to tell Detroit to Speed Up the timetable for making gas-saving cars.

2) Take Action: Urge Congress to Strengthen Global Warming Bill
We all know that global warming is real and that we need to act now. Congress is getting the message. The Senate is poised to take action in June when it considers the Climate Security Act. There is an urgent need to strengthen this global warming bill as it moves forward.

Our Senators must stand up for strong and effective solutions to global warming. The urgency of the problem requires that we act fast and effectively. A strong global warming bill must drive emissions reductions in a way that strengthens a clean energy economy, meets science-based standards and is fair to American families and workers.

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Please encourage your Senators to vote for strengthening changes to the bill.

3) Report: Job Opportunities for the Green Economy
Millions of Americans are already employed in green jobs and millions more could benefit from the transition to a clean energy economy, according to a new report released today, "Job Opportunities for the Green Economy."

The report, released by a diverse coalition of labor and environmental groups, including the Sierra Club, makes it clear that workers across the country -- spanning a wide range of occupations, states, and income levels -- will all benefit from transforming the U.S. into a green energy economy and fighting global warming.

4) White House: Better Late than Never, Climate Change Report
Late last week, under a court order, the Bush administration finally issued a climate change report summarizing the latest global warming science and laying out the administration's priorities for climate research. New information in the report included analysis of global warming's impact on low-income, elderly and already weak communities -- projecting an increase in illness and death caused by more severe and intense heat waves and the spread of disease, like Lyme and West Nile.

Learn more about the impacts of global warming and how you can be part of the solution.


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