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June 4, 2008

Contact: Michael Casaus

New Mexico Senate Race Could Determine Clean Energy Future

With Republican nominee Steve Pearce and Democrat Tom Udall vying for New Mexico’s open Senate seat, the outcome of the race could determine whether the state positions itself as a leader in a new, clean energy economy, or as a state that prevents progress by continuing to subsidize Big Oil and contribute to global warming.  
While Representative Udall has been a leader in clean energy legislation, Representative Pearce has supported billions in subsidies for Big Oil and has opposed efforts to help consumers struggling with the price of gas.

In 2007, Representative Pearce, who has received hundreds of thousands of dollars from the oil and gas industry, voted against the Clean Energy Act, which would have rolled back $14 billion in tax breaks for Big Oil and instead invested in renewable energy.

“Representative Pearce has time and again supported the interests of oil and gas companies over the interests of New Mexicans and hardworking Americans,” said Tom Robey, Sierra Club Rio Grande Chapter political chair. “He has voted down clean energy legislation that would provide jobs for his constituents, instead supporting billions in subsidies to Big Oil.”

Meanwhile, Representative Udall has led congressional efforts to create a national renewable electricity standard that would require utility companies to produce more of their electricity from clean energy sources like wind and solar. He has also opposed subsidies to big oil companies that continue to break billions of dollars in profit records.

“Representative Tom Udall has shown a deep commitment not only to protecting the environment, but to investing in clean energy that would create jobs for New Mexicans and position the state as a leader in the new energy economy,” said Robey.


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