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For Immediate Release:
June 12, 2008

Contact: David Willett, 202-6750-6698

New Light Bulbs to Leadership Campaign Asks:
"How many lawmakers does it take to change a light bulb?"

Washington, DC: How many lawmakers does it take to change a light bulb?  The Sierra Club has the punchline to that and other light bulb jokes with this week's launch of the video-driven "Light Bulbs to Leadership" campaign.  The effort will culminate in nationwide house parties in mid-July and will remind Americans that it takes more than changing light bulbs to fix global warming -it takes changing the will of our leaders.

The first video takes a hard hit on several lawmakers who have opted for "sitting in the dark" instead of taking action to fight global warming. The campaign will include three videos, e-mail outreach and hundreds of house parties around the country.  Video is available here

"Americans are changing their light bulbs - but to really solve global warming, we need to change more than light bulbs: we need to change direction," said Carl Pope, Executive Director of Sierra Club.  "We need action that is strong, urgent and bold enough to get the job done."

Through the Lightbulbs to Leadership videos, a petition calling for action from policymakers and public officials, and light bulb jokes submitted by the public, Sierra Club will be telling those officials that it's time to change direction on global warming and catch up with the people.

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