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Volume VI, #120
July 1, 2008

"It's a situation where we hate to say we told you so, but we told you so."

-- Mark Serreze, senior research scientist at the National Snow and Ice Data Center in response to global warming cynics

In this issue

1) Take Action: Party for a Cause!
2) Take Action: Urge Congress to Fight Global Warming
3) Victory: Coal Plant Must Regulate Global Warming Pollution
4) Global Warming: Santa Could Need Shorts

1) Take Action: Party for a Cause!
Do you have a speakerphone or computer? What about access to a printer? A sofa, some chairs? If so, you can help us with a national evening of action on global warming on July 17th. We need you to host a house party. The Lightbulbs to Leadership house parties will be a fun and direct way to advocate for green jobs and real global warming solutions.

Plus you'll get to hear from Carl Pope, the Sierra Club's Executive Director and from Van Jones, the head of Green for All.

It's easy; will you open up your living room to host a Lightbulbs to Leadership house party

2) Take Action:
Urge Congress to Fight Global Warming
Our champions for action on global warming in Congress need your help to build support for a sound global warming policy that invests in clean energy and creates new economic opportunity here at home. Representatives Waxman, Markey, and Inslee are asking their fellow members of Congress to endorse principles calling for strong, fair legislation that will do what scientists tell us is necessary to fight global warming.

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Contact your member of Congress today and ask them to endorse the principles and join this growing list of supporters for action. 

3) Victory: Coal Plant Must Regulate Global Warming Pollution
A Georgia state court ruled yesterday that a new coal plant must limit the amount of carbon dioxide it releases. In April 2007 the Supreme Court issued a ruling recognizing that carbon dioxide, the principal source of global warming, is a pollutant under the federal Clean Air Act. This is the first time any court has applied that ruling to an industrial source.

The effects of this ruling will be far reaching and should influence permits for all new coal-fired power plants across the country.

For more information about stopping the coal rush, visit

4) Global Warming: Santa Could Need Shorts
The North Pole could be ice-free as soon as September, according to new predictions by the U.S.'s top climate researchers at the National Snow and Ice Data Center. Depending on weather patterns, the scientists expect all of the ice at the North Pole to melt either this summer or next.

The melting of the North Pole is a major milestone in the progression of global warming. It will follow a similar first-ever event last September, the melting of the Northwest Passage.

Find out what you can do to stop the melt.


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