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Volume VI, #121
July 8, 2008

“Wealthier is healthier. Wealthier is cleaner."

-- Chris Horner, Fox News show Hannity & Colmes, on how using oil and coal is good for the environment because it makes us wealthier

In this issue

1) Take Action: Chill the Drills!
2) Lighten Up: Host a House Party
3) Take Action: Save America's Rainforest
4) Global Warming: Global Action

1) Take Action: Chill the Drills!
This week, concerned citizens across the country will welcome Congress back from its July Fourth recess with calls urging their Representatives not to open the America's special places to drilling, places like our beaches and the Arctic Refuge. The government's own research shows that more drilling will do nothing to ease pain at the pump for hardworking Americans -- it will only help Big Oil break more profit records.

Instead of more destructive drilling, we need to invest in real, long-term solutions to our energy challenge.

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Tell your Member of Congress that it's time to chill the drills and put America on the path to a clean energy future.

2) Lighten Up:
Host a Party
How many concerned citizens does it take to change a light bulb? Just you, but it’s not enough. We need our leaders to take bold, serious, and fast action on global warming. You can help by hosting a Lightbulbs to Leadership house party on July 17th.

All you need is a speakerphone or a computer, access to a printer, and space to party and you can join our national evening of action.

Please join us in advocating for green jobs and global warming solutions.

3) Take Action: Save America's Rainforest
The Tongass is by far our country’s largest and wildest national forest. Comprising misty fjords and old-growth stands pre-dating Columbus’ journey to America, the Tongass is rightly considered the crown jewel of the national forest system. Unfortunately, the health of the Tongass is being threatened by a Bush administration proposal that would offer millions of acres of roadless areas and prime habitat to the timber industry.

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Urge the Chief of the Forest Service to amend the management plan and protect the Tongass’ remaining roadless areas.

4) Global Warming: Global Action
The U.S., along with the other countries in the G-8, agreed today to cut global warming emissions 50% by 2050. The reduction falls short of what scientists tell us is necessary to avoid the worst consequences of global warming, but does mark the first time the U.S. has agreed to a global climate policy. To date the U.S. ranks dead last among the major industrial nations for its actions to fight global warming.

Find out what you can do to help fight global warming.


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