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Volume VI, #123
July 21, 2008

"I think we're seeing more young and sick penguins because of global warming, which affects ocean currents and creates more cyclones, making the seas rougher."

-- Erli Costa of Rio de Janeiro's Federal University on the record number of baby penguins that have washed up this year on Brazil’s shore

In this issue

1) Take Action: Help Stop Drilling in the Roan Plateau
2) Take Action: Voice Your Desire for Real Energy Solutions
3) Wetlands Billions in Natural Storm Protection
4) Wind: Turning Rust Belt into Green Belt

1) Take Action: Help Stop Drilling in the Roan Plateau
With vibrant populations of elk, mule deer, and cutthroat trout, the Roan plateau in western Colorado is a popular destination for sportsmen and provides excellent recreational opportunities for families to hike, bike and camp. Unfortunately, the Roan Plateau has also been targeted by the oil and gas industry. Unless we act now, 55,000 acres of land in Roan Plateau will be offered to the gas industry and the Roan Plateau will be irreversibly lost.

Please take action today and sign our citizen protest. With your help, we can protect the Roan Plateau and its wildlife and wilderness quality lands for future generations.

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Protect the Roan Plateau!


Photo Credit: 2003, Colorado Environmental Coalition  

2) Take Action:
Voice Your Desire for Real Energy Solutions
We need your help. With talk about opening more areas to oil and gas drilling, and gas prices at record highs, it is more important than ever to get the message out that drilling will not lower gas prices or solve our energy challenge -- it will only benefit big oil which is already raking in record profits.

Please voice your desire to see real solutions, not more drilling -- write a letter to the Editor of your local paper. You can customize one of our sample letters or preferably write your own calling on Congress to stop giveaways to Big Oil, start investing in real energy solutions, and protect our coasts and other special places.


3) Wetlands: Billions in Natural Storm Protection
Our country’s coastal wetlands provide annual storm protection worth more than $23 billion, and that amount will increase as hurricanes become more frequent and intense due to global warming, according to a new report. The report, written by the University of Vermont's Gund Institute for Ecological Economics also found that protecting our natural defenses is more cost effective than building levees.

Learn how Morgan Freeman, PLAN!TNOW, and the Sierra Club are helping communities get prepared.

4) Wind: Turning Rust Belt into Green Belt
Wind FarmAcross the Rust Belt old steel buildings are finding new life -- manufacturing wind turbines. The surge of new wind power generation is creating jobs and breathing life back into the nation’s manufacturing sector. Last year wind made up a third of all new electric generation, increasing capacity by almost 50%. Pennsylvania alone now has nine commercial wind farms, with five more under construction.

How many jobs can investments in clean energy create near you?  


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