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Volume VI, #124
July 29, 2008

"We are just beginning to benefit from the re-pricing of legacy coal supply contracts at higher levels, which could drive significant earnings increases for many years to come."

-- Peabody Chairman and CEO Gregory Boyce

In this issue

1) Take Action: Support the Clean Energy Economy
2) Take Action: Stand Up for Smart Solutions to Invasive Species
3) Power of the Pen: Write In for Real Energy Solutions
4) Energy: Consumer Pain is Industry Gain

1) Take Action: Support the Clean Energy Economy
The clock is ticking to extend critical tax incentives for clean energy technologies like wind and solar power that expire at the end of this year.

Before the Senate leaves for a month-long recess this week they will have perhaps their last, best chance to extend incentives for renewable energy and energy efficiency.

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Contact your Senator today and urge them to support extending the clean energy tax incentives!


2) Take Action:
Stand Up for Smart Solutions to Invasive Species
Invasive species carried to our lakes and rivers in ships' ballast water can wipe out native species and cause costly problems for communities. Unfortunately, pending Senate legislation may hurt efforts to control invasive species by overriding stronger state laws and possibly even superseding the Clean Water Act.

Given the significant threat posed by invasive species, all available effective tools that can be used at the federal and state level to control them should be employed to keep them out and end their spread. Currents action alert arrow

Tell your Senators that the Clean Water Act and state invasive species programs should not be replaced by a slower, less effective Coast Guard program!


3) Power of the Pen: Write In for Real Energy Solutions
We need your help. With talk about opening more areas to oil and gas drilling, and gas prices at record highs, it is more important than ever to get the message out that drilling will not lower gas prices or solve our energy challenge—it will only benefit big oil which is already raking in record profits.

Please voice your desire to see real solutions, not more drilling -- write a letter to the Editor of your local paper. You can customize one of our sample letters or preferably write your own calling on Congress to stop giveaways to Big Oil, start investing in real energy solutions, and protect our coasts and other special places.

4) Energy: Consumer Pain is Industry Gain
All this week Big Oil companies will be announcing billions of dollars in second quarter profits, while consumers continue to pay record high prices at the pump. But Big Oil isn't the only one profiting from high energy costs. Coal giants, like Peabody and Arch Coal are also reporting huge profits -- two and three times more than they made last year.

Together these two coal companies fuel about 16% of U.S. electricity and while they are swimming in profits, consumers can expect to see their energy bills continue to go up as utilities pass on the rising cost of coal to ratepayers.

Stop padding industry pockets -- find out how you can help keep your energy bills low.


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