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Immediate Release:
August 4, 2008

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Obama Energy Plan Benefits Working Americans

Washington, DC: In a speech today, Senator Obama outlined a comprehensive energy plan that focuses on moving America forward with sensible clean energy proposals that will create jobs and meet our energy needs. Below is a statement from Sierra Club Political Director Cathy Duvall:

Senator Obama's plan will put America on the path to a clean energy future because it prioritizes efforts that will benefit working families instead of the outdated fossil fuel industries. Senator Obama supports creating millions of jobs by investing in the cleanest, cheapest, and fastest technologies to meet our energy needs and stimulate our economy. The mix of short and long term measures includes key goals like:

  • A windfall profits tax on Big Oil to pay for $1,000 in immediate consumer relief
  • 5 million green jobs
  • A comprehensive and science-based plan for tackling global warming that invests in clean energy and protects consumers from rising energy prices
  • Increased fuel economy standards
  • A national renewable energy standard
  • Dramatically increased energy efficiency investments, including retrofitting 1 million homes a year and making all new buildings carbon neutral by 2030

On the other hand, Senator McCain's Energy Policy focuses on the wrong priorities. Instead of helping move America off oil, expanding our clean energy options or investing in a clean energy future that will create jobs our nation desperately needs, John McCain is offering more of the same policies that have devastated our economy. It's no coincidence that these failed policies are demanded by Big Oil and backed up by the more than $2 million in contributions to McCain. McCain’s plans won’t give consumers relief, but they will mean more profits for the oil companies and a third term for the Bush energy policies that have benefitted wealthy and powerful special interests, while leaving ordinary families behind.



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