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August 5, 2008: In This Edition of the Insider
  • Drilling Will Not Reduce Gas Prices! 
  • Thank You Governor Ritter
  • Walk There Using Google Maps
  • William Shatner and the Sierra Club
  • Watch Monumental, from Sierra Club Productions
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    The Facts: Drilling Won't Help
    Nobody's happy about high gas prices (except Big Oil, which keeps reporting record profits), but drilling our coasts and wildlife refuges is NOT the answer. Confused by all the political rhetoric over drilling? We've put together some plain facts about coastal drilling and about why drilling the Arctic Refuge is a terrible idea.

    Forward them to your friends and be sure to ask them to sign our petitions to stop this craziness before it's too late.

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    Colorado's Governor Ritter Gets It
    In response to a flood of messages from Sierra Club activists, Colorado Governor Ritter has filed a formal protest against the Bureau of Land Management's plan to drill on 85 square miles of elk, bear, and trout habitat on the Roan Plateau. Thanks to everyone who sent a message to Governor Ritter!

    Now we need to ask Secretary of the Interior Jack Kempthorne to respect Governor Ritter's protest.

    Photo Credit: Joel Sartore, National Geographic

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    Hoofing It
    When you've got someplace to go, there's no greener option that's greener than traveling on your own two feet. And now that Google's added walking directions to its Maps application, you can download the twists and turns for any stroll -- whether it's a trip to the market or a coast-to-coast ramble.

    Could John Muir have used this when he walked from Indianapolis to the Gulf of Mexico with just a compass?

    Learn more in The Green Life.  

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    Trekking into the Future
    Television and film actor William Shatner has teamed up with the Sierra Club in a series of three videos to raise awareness about global warming.

    Shatner reminds us of past environmental victories that show how we can succeed against today's serious challenges, and speaks out for the Sierra Club's 2% Solution campaign with a message to cut carbon emissions 80 percent by 2050, or about 2 percent a year.

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    A Mountain for a Giant
    Former Sierra Club Executive Director and distinguished mountaineer David Brower's contributions to the environmental movement were recognized last month by U.S. Senators Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer, who proposed renaming the Sierra Nevada's North Palisade peak "Brower Palisade." The Palisades were among David Brower's favorites among the many mountains and natural lands that he helped protect.

    Want to learn more about David Brower and his lifelong fight for the environment? Check out the film Monumental from Sierra Club Productions.

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    Walk Don't Run
    There are just a few weeks left to win one of four new "smart fortwo" ultra-low emission vehicles by Mercedes and raise money for the Sierra Club when shopping at The Walking Company! While you're there, check out PlanetWalkers(tm) by Simple: "the most comfortable, eco-friendly shoes on the planet."

    Shop at any of The Walking Company's 200 stores and 10 percent of your entire purchase will be donated to the Sierra Club when you bring in this exclusive coupon. (pdf) 

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    Secrets of the Hypermilers
    Maybe they're a little nutty, but so-called "hypermilers" also have a thing or two they can teach us about now to save gas.

    Do you know these tips?



    The Colbert Bear
    When Sierra Club Executive Director Carl Pope talked to this polar bear puppet on The Colbert Report, the bear said it wanted to eat his children. It warned him to sleep lightly. Get your own polar bear puppet and make it say whatever you want!

    Check out the selection in our online store.


    Keep Big Oil Off Our Coasts
    Drilling our coasts won't help us with today's high gas prices -- it'll only put more money in the pockets of the oil giants.

    Sign our petition to Congress and tell them to back away from any proposals to drill our coasts.

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