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Volume VI, #127
August 19, 2008

"Black is the new green."

-- Peabody Coal CEO Gregory Boyce

In this issue

1) Take Action: Leave No Child Insidre
2) Take Action: Hold Polluters Accountable
3) New Poll: Americans Want Clean Energy
4) Victory: Toxic Toys Banned

1) Take Action: Leave No Child Inside
At a time when children are not getting outside on their own, it is more critical than ever to provide them with new and safe opportunities to learn about the natural world.

The No Child Left Inside Act will help build our capacity to help teach children about the great outdoors by supporting environmental education, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Currents action alert arrowContact your Representative today to ensure more American children are given the tools to become adults ready to face the environmental challenges that lie ahead.


2) Take Action:
Hold Polluters Accountable
A recently released internal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) memo shows that hundreds of Clean Water Act violations, including oil spills, filling of wetlands and illegal dumping, have either been dropped completely or made lower priorities due to uncertainty about whether those waters are protected by the Clean Water Act.

Unless Congress acts, the uncertainty caused by court decisions and agency actions will continue to make it difficult to protect our waters from pollution.

Currents action alert arrowTell your members of Congress to pass the Clean Water Restoration Act to enable the EPA to enforce water pollution protections!


3) New Poll: Americans Want Clean Energy
A new national energy poll reveals that Americans favor investment in clean, renewable energy over increased oil drilling when presented with the full spectrum of energy options.

Some of the poll's top findings indicate that 83 percent of Americans support a plan to end America's addiction to oil through investment in wind, solar, and next generation biofuel technology, 20 percent more than supported increased offshore drilling. 80 percent believe that America should put a stop to billions of dollars in oil subsidies and use the money to invest in renewable sources.

Learn more about the clean energy alternatives available today. 

4) Victory: Toxic Toys Banned
Late last week President Bush signed into law a bill banning lead and other toxic chemicals in children's toys. The bill also gives states the ability to enforce consumer safety laws, creates a public product safety database and requires audits of the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Thanks in part to the significant input of the Sierra Club's Toxics Committee, co-chaired by Tom Neltner and Jessica Frohman, the United States now has the strictest toy safety law in the world.

See what else we're doing to protect our communities from toxic chemicals.  

p.s. - the bill also includes additional funding so that the lone toy inspector, Bob, can get some help.


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