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Sierra Club Releases Presidential Energy Scorecard

Washington, DC—With energy at the top of the political agenda right now, and Americans demanding action from their leaders, the Sierra Club today released a new side-by-side comparison to help its members and the public compare the energy plans of John McCain and Barack Obama.  The scorecard examines the candidates' energy plans in four key areas: taking on Big Oil, investing in the clean energy economy, fixing global warming, and increasing fuel economy. 

The scorecard can be found online here.

The Sierra Club will distribute the scorecard to members in all 50 states and use it to educate members, supporters, and the public in key battleground states, including Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Colorado, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New Hampshire.  The scorecard builds on earlier efforts, including radio and television advertisements, and other public events.   

"Both candidates are talking about energy, high prices and global warming, so it's important to look past the rhetoric and see what is at the heart of their plans," said Cathy Duvall, Sierra Club Political Director.  "As this scorecard illustrates, the contrast in this election could not be starker.  Barack Obama wants to give tax relief and $1,000 energy rebates to working families, while John McCain wants billions more in tax breaks for oil companies making more than $1,000 a second in profits."

Taking on Big Oil-The scorecard contrasts Obama’s pro-consumer plan for middle class tax relief and $1,000 emergency energy rebates paid for by taxing Big Oil’s billions in record profits with McCain’s plan for another $4 billion in tax breaks for Big Oil.

Investing in the Clean Energy Economy-Obama’s $150 billion plan for 5 million new clean energy jobs is contrasted with McCain’s unblemished record of opposition to pro-clean energy policies and refusal to show up and vote for clean energy incentives necessary to save 116,000 existing jobs and $19 billion in new investments and lay the foundation for the clean energy future that will rid us of our dangerous dependence on fossil fuels.

Fixing Global Warming-Barack Obama will do what scientists tell us is necessary and make polluters pay in order to give back hundreds of billions of dollars to consumers in order to bring energy costs back under control.  Meanwhile, McCain has proposed an outdated plan that gives away hundreds of billions to polluters.

Improving Fuel Economy-Barack Obama worked hard to secure the first increase in fuel economy in over 30 years and now wants to give consumers and automakers alike the financial incentives we need to put 1 million hybrids on the road and make our cars and trucks average 50+ miles per gallon.  By contrast, McCain has been both for and against increasing fuel economy over the years and failed to support last year’s increase in mileage standards.

"It is clear that Barack Obama has the right plan for working families, the right plan to put our economy back on the path to prosperity, and the only plan that will end the oil industry’s chokehold on America—once and for all," said Duvall.  "The plan McCain has put forward will benefit no one but Big Oil.  McCain's rhetoric on renewable energy can't disguise his real record of consistent opposition to the policies that will keep and create millions of clean energy jobs and put America on the true path to energy independence."


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