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Volume VI, #129
Sept 2, 2008

"We could very well be in that quick slide downward in terms of passing a tipping point. It's tipping now. We're seeing it happen now."

-- Mark Serreze, senior scientist at the National Snow and Ice Data Center

In this issue

1) Victory: Green Jobs Now!
2) Take Action: Stop Giveaways to Big Oil
3) Take Action: Tell Mutual Funds to Act on Global Warming
4) Coal: Consumers Could Pay More

1) Victory: 200,000 Wetland Acres Protected!
Thanks in part to the efforts of the Sierra Club and concerned citizens, the Environmental Protection Agency today vetoed an Army Corps of Engineers' plan to drain 200,000 acres of wetlands in northwest Mississippi.

The plan, known as the Yazoo Pumps, would have been one of the largest wetland destruction projects ever and was expected to cost $211 million. Though the Yazoo Pumps were intended to stop flooding, data from the Federal Emergency Management Agency showed that the project would not prevent residential flooding, and that it would take more than 3,000 years to recoup the cost of the project through flood damage insurance claims.

Find out more about our work to protect America's waters.   

2) Take Action:
America Needs Clean Energy, Not More Drilling
New energy legislation introduced by Speaker Nancy Pelosi will soon come up for a vote. The bill will force drilling supporters to admit whether they really want to move America forward or simply want to give more handouts to Big Oil.

The bill starts us on the path to a clean energy future and moves us away from our dependence on fossil fuels. It also cracks down on giveaways to Big Oil coupled with real investment in renewable energy and transportation alternatives.

Currents action alert arrowUrge your Representative to support this essential legislation.


3)Take Action: Tell Congress Not to Purchase Dirty Fuels!
With costs estimated in the billions of dollars for a single new liquid coal plant, and double the global warming pollution of conventional fuel, liquid coal is a bad for our wallets, our health and our environment. Yet coal supporters want the government to jumpstart this dirty new industry.

Currents action alert arrowTell your Senators and Representatives to support real solutions to global warming, not incentives for dirty fuels like liquid coal

4) Take Action: Protect the Endangered Species Act
Earlier this month the Bush administration released plans to severely weaken the Endangered Species Act (ESA). The new ESA rules take decision-making on endangered species listings out of the hands of scientists and wildlife professionals at agencies such as the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services, and instead put those decisions in the hands of agencies working on projects that may be adversely affected by a listing.

Now the Department of Interior is accepting comments on this proposed rule change -- but only until Sept. 15 and not via email or fax.

Let us help you speak up now!

Currents action alert arrowUse our ESA take action page to make your comments and we'll make sure they all get to the DOI by the deadline.

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