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Volume VI, #130
Sept 9, 2008

"Most of the agencies in this report have not yet made extensive use of climate change information, or used their decision tools to study the effect of a changing climate on the resources they manage."

-- Molly Macauley, co-author of a new NASA report which calls on other government agencies to look at the effects of global warming on agriculture, wildlife and other resources.

In this issue

1) Take Action: Call for Clean Energy Today
2) Take Action: Lower Gas Prices, Increase Fuel Economy
3) Border Wall: New Video Documents Devastation
4) Cool: Sierra Magazine Names the Top 10 Coolest Schools

1) Take Action:Call for Clean Energy Today
This week, Congress is negotiating on a compromise energy package that will include both clean energy investments and some additional drilling.

It's up to us to make sure the balance of this bill is a lot more about clean energy and a lot less about drilling and the Big Oil agenda that has dominated Washington for decades.

Currents action alert arrowCall your Representative today and tell them you want more clean energy and less drilling.


2) Take Action:
Lower Gas Prices, Increase Fuel Economy
Congress showed tremendous foresight last year by increasing fuel economy standards to a minimum of 35 miles-per-gallon by 2020. But now the Bush Administration is undermining these efforts, using unrealistic assumptions -- like $2.50 for the average cost of gas -- to limit the potential of new fuel economy standards. Better fuel economy is a sure way to ease our pain at the pump, help reduce our addiction to oil and help fight global warming.

Currents action alert arrowTell Congress to speak out and demand the Bush administration fix its assumptions so that we can have the most fuel efficient cars and trucks possible.


3) Border Wall: New Video Documents Devastation
As the Bush Administration barrels ahead with construction of the controversial U.S./Mexico border wall, the Sierra Club presents a new video documenting the ecosystems threatened by the project. "Wild vs. Wall" details the unique and diverse natural areas along the southern borders of California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. Tucson-based filmmaker Steev Hise made the Sierra Club-produced film, which highlights the Administration's disregard for longstanding environmental and cultural laws.

For more info, visit

Photo Credit: Kai Wiedenhofer

4) Cool: Top 10 Coolest School
It's official; Sierra magazine has named the nation's top ten "coolest" schools for their efforts to stop global warming. From a wind-powered recycling center at Middlebury College, to 100% renewable energy at the University of Washington, to free city bus-passes and loaner bikes at the University of Colorado at Boulder, this issue honors the schools that are making a true impact for the planet.

Did your alma mater make the list? What about the school right down the road?

Find out here


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