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September 9, 2008

Contact: Kristina Johnson

True 'All of the Above' Energy Compromise Calls Bluff on Drill-Only Republicans
Sierra Club Works to Ensure Bill's Focus is Clean Energy, Not Drilling

Washington, D.C.-This week, Democratic leadership in the House of Representatives will offer a compromise energy package that will include both clean energy investments and some expanded drilling measures.
The package includes significant investment in clean energy through a Renewable Energy Standard, improved transit and green building measures, and an extension of clean energy tax credits. It also protects consumers through a crackdown on oil speculation and drilling royalty loopholes, and offers low-income energy assistance.
The Sierra Club is working to ensure that the final package is heavy on measures that solve our energy crisis and protect consumers, and light on expanded offshore drilling, which will do nothing but endanger our coasts and add to oil industry profits. 

Statement of Sierra Club Executive Director Carl Pope

"Congress has an opportunity this week to help pull us out of our energy crisis by voting on a comprehensive, 'all of the above' energy compromise."
"For months, Republicans in Congress have held up clean energy legislation, instead calling for a "drill only" policy that helps the oil industry but does nothing to lower gas prices, protect consumers, or solve our energy crisis."

"Speaker Pelosi has made a significant overture by presenting a package that includes both the clean energy provisions we need to move America forward, as well as a compromise that expands drilling off our coasts. 
Faced with the chance to vote on a truly comprehensive energy package, big oil Republicans are already indicating they'll refuse to support it."

"They held Congress hostage and blocked measure after measure while gas prices soared. Now they want to stop yet another comprehensive energy bill that would deal with our energy crisis. This week, the Speaker will call their bluff to see if they really do want to vote on drilling as part of an energy package or whether they simply want to continue to use this as an election issue."

"We are working to ensure that the final bill's focus is on real clean energy solutions rather than expanded offshore drilling. While the final package will likely include compromise drilling provisions, it offers a chance for clean energy gains that would represent a giant step in solving our energy crisis."

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