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September 16, 2008: In This Edition of the Insider
  • Getting Green on the Runway
  • Watch the Sierra Club Film Wild vs. Wall
  • Victory in Mississippi
  • Happy Birthday, Dr. Wayburn!
  • What's on Our Playlist
  • More-Responsible Mutual Funds
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    Of Seaweed and Supermodels
    Sierra Club Executive Director Carl Pope took the stage during New York Fashion Week to co-host (with supermodel Angela Lindvall) the launch party for "Be EcoChic," a new campaign sponsored by the Sierra Club.

    Sporting a seaweed-fabric shirt (he says it was the most comfortable thing he's ever worn), Pope met Lindvall in her element to talk about sustainable and environmentally sensitive fashion design. 

    Having trouble picturing Carl Pope in seaweed? Watch our exclusive video of the event.

    Photo Credit: Kira Stackhouse

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    Up Against a Wall
    As the Bush administration barrels ahead with construction of the controversial U.S./Mexico border wall, the Sierra Club presents a new video, "Wild vs. Wall," which documents the ecosystems threatened by the project and details the unique and diverse natural areas along the southern borders of California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. The video also highlights the administration's disregard for longstanding environmental and cultural laws.

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    Yahoo, No Yazoo!
    "The day pigs fly and hell freezes over is the day the Bush EPA vetoes a pet project of Trent Lott and Thad Cochran," says Mississippi Sierra Club organizer Louie Miller. "But that's what we saw when the EPA killed the Yazoo Pumps Project."

    The $220 million Army Corps of Engineers flood-control project in the Mississippi Delta would have been the world's largest water pump. But on September 2 the EPA vetoed the project, saying it would likely degrade 67,000 acres of wetlands.

    Learn more about how Sierra Club members and supporters stopped the Yazoo Pumps.

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    Happy Birthday, Dr. Wayburn! 
    edgar wayburnJust in time for his birthday tomorrow, Dr. Edgar Wayburn, one of the most distinguished leaders and advocates in the Sierra Club's history, was named one of the 80 most powerful people in America over the age of 80 by Salon magazine. We're not sure what Dr. Wayburn will make of being lumped in with a bunch of spring-chicken octogenarians, though. He will be turning 102. Among the accomplishments of Dr Wayburn's later years cited by the magazine:

    • Awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom; President Clinton claimed that Wayburn had "saved more of our wilderness than any person alive."
    • Published his memoir, Your Land and Mine: Evolution of a Conservationist.
    • Headed the Sierra Club's Alaska Task Force, which sought to stem logging and oil drilling in the Alaskan wilderness.

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    On Our Play List
    greennotesWant to support the Sierra Club and download some great new music? Buy a copy of Clif GreenNotes' Protect the Places We Play benefit album and ClifBar will donate all of the proceeds to the Sierra Club and four other conservation organizations. What's more, each of the artists -- including Michael Franti, the John Butler Trio, and Missy Higgins -- has made a personal commitment to eco-friendly touring practices. The album costs $7.99 and is available only on iTunes. Buy the album and help the Sierra Club protect the places you play.

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    Tell Your Funds to Act on Climate Change
    As if we didn't have enough to worry about when it comes to our portfolios -- ten of the largest mutual fund families in the country are acting like climate change won't affect our planet, the economy, or their investors.

    As investors, we have a right and responsibility to encourage companies to be proactive in mitigating and addressing the threat of global warming.

    Take action now and tell these funds to wake up to the reality of climate change. Ask them to step up to their responsibility to protect their investments and vote for progress at the companies in their portfolios -- each and every time they have the chance.

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    It Takes Two
    Want to explore one of the most beautiful places in America this fall with a friend? Check out a hiking vacation to the Red Rocks of Sedona.


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    There may be 100 things you should do before you die, but there are only six books on the environment you really ought to have in your rucksack.



    Battle in Seattle
    In the mood for a movie? How about Battle in Seattle, which is inspired by the demonstrations during the 1999 World Trade Ministerial Meeting in Seattle.

    Sierra Club members played a key role in the event, organizing hundreds to show up in bright green turtle costumes to protest the WTO's ruling in the infamous Shrimp-Turtle case, which forced the U.S. to import shrimp caught using methods known to drown more than 13,000 turtles every year.


    Break Big Oil's Chokehold
    This week, Congress is negotiating a compromise energy package that will include both clean energy investments and some additional drilling.

    Please call your member of Congress and ask him or her to make sure the balance of this bill is more about clean energy and less about drilling and the Big Oil agenda.

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