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Volume VI, #131
Sept 16, 2008

"We are excited about the positive changes we are making with CLIF Bar's help, but realize the potential for collective change lies with all of us individually. We invite you to join us in this effort -- to unite us all in the preservation of our one planet."

-- John Butler Trio, featured on the new Protect the Places We Play benefit album


In this issue

1) Take Action: One More Call for Clean Energy
2) Rock Out to Support the Places You Play
3) We Are Wetlands: New Campaign to Protect Our Waters
4) Sierra Club Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

1) Take Action:One More Call for Clean Energy

Right now finishing touches are being put on a compromise energy package. Thanks in part to calls from dedicated activists like you the energy package gives a big boost to clean energy sources like wind and solar, and forces Big Oil to pay the royalties that they owe us. While the energy package isn't perfect -- it does allow some expanding drilling -- it is a big step in the right direction.

Now Big Oil and Republican leadership are trying to undermine the energy package, demanding more of our coastal waters and more lands be opened to drilling -- locking us into a future where we continue to be dependent on oil and other fossil fuels..

Currents action alert arrowCall Congress today and tell them that Americans need clean energy! If you called last week, please call again. They are voting today and need to hear your support for a strong energy package. .


2) Rock Out to Support the Places You Play

greennotesWant to support Sierra Club and download some great new music? Buy a copy of the CLIF GreenNotes Protect The Places We Play benefit album and 100% of the proceeds go to Sierra Club and four other conservation organizations. What's more, each of the artists -- including Michael Franti, John Butler Trio and Missy Higgins -- has made a personal commitment to eco-friendly touring practices.

The album costs $7.99 and is only available on iTunes. So, buy the album and help Sierra Club protect the places you play. For more information visit

3) We Are Wetlands: New Campaign to Protect Our WatersDucks wetlands

Wetlands play a crucial role in our lives -- controlling floods, purifying water and giving us places to hunt, fish and enjoy the outdoors. Unfortunately 80,000 acres of these valuable wetlands are being lost each year and that number will only continue to rise as rollbacks in clean water protections take effect. The new We Are Wetlands campaign aims to stop that loss by restoring federal protections to our waters.

Join the campaign today and tell our leaders that our wetlands are worth protecting!


4) Sierra Club Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

familyThe Sierra Club celebrates the Hispanic community through roundtables and action opportunities, a syndicated column, earned media and education, a Spanish-language website, and materials. The Sierra Club partners with and supports Latinos who want to enjoy outdoor activities, inform communities of environmental threats,  and empower people to protect their health and their communities.




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