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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 18, 2008
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New McCain Economic Plan:
Sell More Gas Guzzlers

New Ad Combines Lies, Deceptions, and
Failed Approach to Energy & Economic Problems

Washington, D.C.—The McCain campaign released a new ad today, "Michigan Jobs.”  The Sierra Club denounced the ad for containing blatant distortions of the facts.  The ad includes the line "offshore drilling to reduce the cost of gas and spur truck sales.” 

The ad can be viewed:

Statement of Cathy Duvall, Sierra Club Political Director

"This ad is so full of lies, deceptions, and failed approaches to our energy and economic problems, it’s hard to know where to start.  Michiganders are smart enough to see through the lies and simple-minded pandering in this ad.  They know we need a real plan, real change, and that we need a candidate who understands our energy and economic crises.  This ad is further proof that John McCain just doesn’t get it and doesn’t have the kind of plan that Michigan—and America—needs. 

"The Sierra Club understand that times are tough in Michigan and that the automakers need help.  We support government loans to help the automakers if they are willing to make the kind of real, fleet-wide improvements in fuel economy that will help consumers spend less on gas and help reduce our dangerous dependence on oil.  And what the ad doesn’t tell you is that McCain opposed helping the automakers and only changed his mind once he started to slip in the polls in Michigan.

"John McCain says that the solution to Detroit’s woes is to have lower gas prices so they can sell more trucks.  Unfortunately, McCain’s drilling plan won’t lower prices and selling more trucks won’t help Detroit solve its problems in the long-run—but it will increase our addiction to oil. Michiganders know that relying too heavily on gas-guzzling trucks and SUVs is what got the auto industry into this mess in the first place and that’s why they want help building the next generation of fuel-efficient vehicles.  This is just one more example of John McCain’s backward-looking, outdated approach to America’s most pressing problems.

"Barack Obama has a real plan to invest $150 billion in the clean energy technologies we need.  That includes giving the auto industry the help they need to double fuel economy and make the next generation of fuel-efficient vehicles here in America. 

"Instead of a real plan, John McCain wants to run the economy like a game show full of misguided gimmicks like a $300 million prize for car batteries and the widely denounced gas tax holiday. 

"It’s shameful that the McCain campaign continues to repeat the completely discredited claim that more offshore drilling will lower gas prices.  This is the second ad just this week to do so.  Even the Bush administration admits that drilling won’t lower gas prices. It’s time for McCain and his campaign to start being honest with the American public about his energy plans."

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