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Volume VI, #132
Sept 23, 2008

"A culture of ethical failure."

-- Earl E. Devaney, U.S. Inspector General describing the scandal between the oil industry and officials at the Department of Interior's Minerals Management Service.


In this issue

1) Green Jobs Day of Action: Sept. 27, 2008
2) Update: Thank Your Rep for Getting Kids Outside
3) Storm Watch: Hurricane Ike's Destroyed Oil Rigs & Platforms
4) Drinking Water: EPA Won’t Regulate Perchlorate in Drinking Water

1) Green Jobs Day of Action: Sept. 27, 2008
Americans want a clean energy economy that will secure an end to our oil addiction, create millions of green-collar jobs and fight global warming. On Saturday, September 27, people across the U.S. will take part in a "Green Jobs Now: Day of Action."

Help show that America is ready to build an inclusive green economy, strong enough to lift people out of poverty and solve the climate crisis.

Sign up to attend an event in your area

2) Update: Thank Your Rep for Getting Kids Outside
Last Thursday, the US House of Representatives voted to pass the No Child Left Inside Act, which would provide K-12 students with new and improved access to environmental education.

Currents action alert arrowContact your Representative today and thank him or her for voting in favor of the No Child Left Inside Act.

3) Storm Watch: Hurricane Ike's Destroyed Oil Rigs & Platforms
Not only does the residential cleanup continue after Hurricane Ike, but the oil cleanup as well. When Hurricane Ike roared through the Gulf of Mexico and into Texas earlier this month, the storm also took out 23 Gulf oil drilling platforms and three entire rigs are still missing, including one with GPS.

Don't let Big Oil tell you that drilling is always safe. 

4) Drinking Water EPA Won't Regulate Perchlorate in Drinking Water
This week the Environmental Protection Agency announced that it will not regulate the toxic rocket fuel pollutant perchlorate in drinking water.

According to the Associated Press, the toxin is being found "in at least 395 sites in 35 states at levels high enough to interfere with thyroid function and pose developmental health risks, particularly for babies and fetuses, according to some scientists."


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