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Volume VI, #134
Oct 7, 2008

"The public is like sheep. They'll be led by small special-interest groups."

-- Kentucky Coal Association president Bill Caylor on Kentuckians growing opposition to coal


In this issue

1) New Listing:Endangered Species Act Threatened
2) Take Action: Rally with Pickens and Pope
3) Coal River Mountain: Wind Farm or Moonscape?
4) Success: Green Jobs Now, Big Success

1) New Listing: Endangered Species Act Threatened
Bald EagleThe Bush administration has proposed radical changes to the Endangered Species Act that could severely harm wildlife already pushed to the brink of extinction. The proposed regulations do away with critical scientific oversight for federal projects that may impact endangered species. Thankfully, there is still time to make a difference before this core piece of the Act is gutted. The Bush administration has opened a comment period for its proposal.

Currents action alert arrowPlease take action and submit a comment to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service before October 14th!


2) Take Action: Rally with Pickens and Pope
Join T. Boone Pickens and Carl Pope in an e-rally for energy independence tonight after the Presidential Debate.

Both Pickens and Pope will participate via live video from Dallas and take your questions about shifting to clean energy to power our country and our economic recovery.

Submit your questions and learn more about the rally.

3) Coal River Mountain: Wind Farm or Moonscape?
Right now America is faced with a choice -- continue to rely on dirty and destructive fossil fuels of the past, or move forward toward a clean energy future based on efficiency and renewable resources. Nowhere is this choice more clear than in West Virginia where one mountain could soon be either a wind farm or a mountaintop removal coal mine site.

Watch the story of Coal River Mountain on CNN.

4) Success Green Jobs Now, Big Success
The message was sent loud and clear -- Americans are ready for green jobs and a more sustainable economy! With hundreds of events across the nation, the Green Jobs Now National Day of Action was a huge hit, empowering everyday people to speak up for the creation of new green jobs.

A big thanks goes out to Sierra Club staff and volunteers in more than ten states who played a key role in publicizing, organizing, co-hosting and attending events.



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