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Volume VI, #135
Oct 14, 2008

"It can't be done that quickly."

-- Interior spokeswoman Tina Kreisher on the impact increased oil drilling would have to "turn on the oil spigot."


In this issue

1) Take Action: Save Colorado's Roadless Areas
2) Take Action: Stand Behind Strong Global Warming Principles
3) Green Cleaners: Growing the Green Market
4) Wind: New Factories for the Wind Belt

1) Take Action: Save Colorado's Roadless Areas
In a move that would set a dangerous precedent for roadless areas across the country, the Bush Administration is pushing to remove protections for over 4 million acres of Colorado's roadless backcountry forests.

The proposed plan would leave some of the state's most valuable watersheds, trout streams and recreation lands without strong federal protections and could open the door for similar action in other forests.

Currents action alert arrowKeep Colorado's Forests Roadless!


2) Take Action: Stand Behind Strong Global Warming Principles
We can put America on a smarter, cleaner, safer energy path -- but we need Congress to limit and put a price on the global warming pollution. We need a strong cap and trade system that auctions off emissions permits and uses the profits to benefit the public, not big business. We must have science-based targets, investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency, and protections for affected workers and their families. The good news is that many in Congress are starting to stand up for fair and effective global warming legislation.

Please thank your Representative for supporting true global warming solutions by signing on to the Global Warming Principles letter. (pdf) 

Currents action alert arrowUrge your Representative to pass comprehensive global warming legislation.

3) Green Cleaners: Growing the Green Market
Less than a year after being introduced and on track to sell over $40 million this year, Clorox's Greenworks products have significantly expanded the market for green cleaners.

The best part is that while outselling other green products, like Seventh Generation and Method, the Greenworks products aren't stealing their business. Rather the line is pulling new consumers into the green market -- that means $40 million less going to toxic cleaners annually.

4) Wind: New Factories for the Wind Belt
Soon half of all wind turbine components installed in the United States will be made in the United States. Four new wind manufacturing facilities were announced this month in the wind belt, including ones in Arkansas, Iowa, Indiana and Minnesota.

These new factories, added to the nine that were announced last year, will and are creating hundreds of new manufacturing jobs. They mark the beginning of the green energy economy.


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