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October 14, 2008: In This Edition of the Insider
  • How Green Is Your Bathroom?
  • Hold the Coal Industry Accountable
  • Carl Pope and T. Boone's Post-Debate Debate
  • The Green Collar Economy
  • Attend the Green Jobs National Conference, Feb. 4-6 
  • Ask Our Next President to Go to Poland
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    Is Your Bathroom Clean and Green?
    It's where we go to get clean, so shouldn't it also be green? Water, energy, disposable paper products, synthetic waterfowl -- the 21st-century bathroom is a microcosm of the demands we place on our environment every day.

    Our "How Green Is My Bathroom?" quiz will tell you whether your facilities pass muster -- and how you can make them better.

    Now get scrubbing!

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    Let's Cry "Foul" on Coal
    The final presidential debate takes place tomorrow, but the coal industry has already aired $40 million worth of ads. They haven't gone unchallenged, though. Hundreds of people from across the country are helping us ferret out misleading coal advertising via the Sierra Club's mobile "reality text" campaign.

    There's still time to receive mobile updates on bogus ads and hold the coal industry accountable by sending in text messages when you see a misleading coal ad before or after the debate.

    Join us here or text DIRTY to 69866.

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    The Post-Debate Debate
    After last week's presidential debate, more than 49,000 people logged on to hear Sierra Club Executive Director Carl Pope and T. Boone Pickens discuss the candidates' debate responses on energy issues and take live questions.

    If you missed it, you can catch a replay here.

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    Real Solutions for Planet and People
    At a time when good economic news is scarce, Van Jones is a good guy to give a listen to. Maybe you've already heard him on Sierra Club Radio. Or perhaps you watched the "This Brave Nation" episode where he and Sierra Club Executive Director Carl Pope had a wide-ranging discussion about environmentalism, civil rights, and the economy.

    Now you can read his ideas on putting America back to work by retrofitting and repowering our country in The Green Collar Economy, published last week. At a time when our next president will take office facing intense pressure to address our economic and energy crises, ideas on how we can lower energy prices without drilling our shorelines or accelerating global warming are always welcome.

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    Good Jobs, Green Jobs
    Speaking of Van Jones, his address was a highlight of the Good Jobs, Green Jobs National Conference last year. Now's the time to mark your calendar for the second annual conference in Washington, D.C., on Feb. 4-6. Right after a new Congress and new administration are sworn in, attendees will be shaping the agenda for the coming green economy.

    This year's conference will also include a Green Jobs Expo that's free and open to the public. 

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    Poland or Bust!
    The Sierra Club is joining with and a passel of other environmental groups in asking the next president to send a signal that our country is rejoining the world's fight against the climate crisis by committing now to attend the U.N. Climate Meetings this December in Poznan, Poland.

    So, regardless of whom you want or expect to see in the White House next year, send a message today to Senators McCain and Obama.

    Time is running out for crafting an international climate agreement.

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    Last Chance to Save the ESA!
    This is it.

    Today, Oct. 14, is your last chance to comment on the Bush administration's proposals to weaken the Endangered Species Act.

    Do it here!

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