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Sierra Club Currents - Getting the Lead Out
Volume VI, #46
Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Quote of Note:

"Our addiction to oil is real but drilling in the refuge would amount to a declaration that we remain in denial about this addiction. There are some places in our world that are so rare and special, that we have a responsibility to protect them."

- Congressman Markey (D-MA) on why Democrats will be pushing for artic refuge drilling ban

(1) Sierra Club Victory: Getting the Lead Out
(2) Verdict: Clean Air
(3) Take Action: Stop Big Oil Payoffs!
(4) Take Action: A Green 2007

(1) Sierra Club Victory: Getting the Lead Out

In response to a Sierra Club petition, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has begun the process of banning lead in children's toy jewelry. A unanimous vote by the CPSC pushes forward a new rule that will judge toy safety solely on total lead content and hold companies accountable for exceeding an acceptable limit. After 14 safety recalls of over 150 million pieces of unsafe jewelry since 2004, the CPSC is finally looking to take definite action.

Learn how to keep your loved ones safe from lead jewelry.

Photo courtesy Consumer Product Safety Division.

(2) Verdict: Clean Air

A federal appeals court struck down an attempt by the EPA to weaken rules limiting smog, which is linked to asthma, and increased hospitalizations and respiratory problems. The court rejected the Bush administration's attempts to protect polluters at the cost of public health and unanimously agreed that the EPA violated the Clean Air Act when it lowered standards for smog-forming pollution from power plants, factories and other sources in cities across the country.

Learn more about the victory.

(3) Take Action: Stop Big Oil Payoffs!

With the elections well behind us, it is time to start making changes! One of the first votes of the new Congress will be to create a multi-billion dollar fund for new investment in clean energy by rolling back subsidies for Big Oil. Now is our chance to end the corrupting influence of Big Oil on Congress, decrease our dependence on oil and move ourselves into a cleaner energy future.

End Big Oil giveaways- Move to a cleaner energy future!

(4) Take Action: A Green 2007

Haven't made a new year's resolution yet? Treadmill not looking too appealing? Well, there are plenty of eco-friendly resolutions that can help us all without causing you to break a sweat. This year, make some simple changes to green up your life. Buy recycled paper products, take transit or carpool to work one day or simply stop pre-rinsing your dishes.

Find a planet-friendly pledge that's right for you!

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