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Volume VI, #138
Nov 18, 2008

"All permits in the pipeline are now stymied."

-- Jason Hutt, a lawyer who represents a number of utilities and merchant energy developers on a federal panel decision forcing new coal plants to go back and address their global warming pollution.

In this issue

1)Take Action: Tell the EPA to Regulate Greenhouse Gases and Make our Cars Cleaner
2) Got Coal? Send Us Your Slogan
3) Great New Book: Holy Ground
4) Victory: New Coal Plants on Hold

1) Take Action: Tell the EPA to Regulate Greenhouse Gases and Make our Cars Cleaner
As you'll read below, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has once again been told to account for carbon dioxide in power plants; now they need to do the same for cars. The EPA has the authority, and a duty to act now to limit global warming pollution from our vehicles and power plants.

The technology to clean up cars and light trucks is available today and it is vital that the EPA act quickly and decisively to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases in order to avoid the worst consequences of global warming. Yet so far, the EPA has refused to act.

Currents action alert arrowDemand more! Tell the EPA to regulate greenhouse gasses.

2) Got Coal? Send Us Your Slogan
Coal is Not the Answer You've seen the misleading ads from the coal industry -- now it's our turn. Help us come up with a new slogan for the coal industry that tells the truth about coal.

We'll put the best entries on our "truth truck" that will carry mobile billboards around D.C. and take your message straight to the coal industry's headquarters. Your slogan could be a key part of our campaign to promote clean energy and dispel the myth of clean coal. Get those creative juices flowing and submit one now!

3)Great New Book: Holy Ground
Religions worldwide celebrate and revere the Earth's gifts of beauty, abundance, and sustenance. In Holy Ground leaders from many faith traditions, along with writers who hold nature sacred, articulate the moral and spiritual imperative of stewardship and share personal stories of coming to understand the unique power and responsibility of people to care for creation.

Including reflections from Pope Benedict XVI, Islamic scholar Seyved Hossein Nasr, Native American novelist Linda Hogan and many others, this landmark collection will bring together caring people of all faiths and all beliefs on common, holy ground.

Buy your copy today!

4) Victory: New coal plants on hold
Late last week a federal panel rejected each and every excuse put forward by the Bush administration's EPA for failing to limit carbon dioxide pollution from new coal plants. The decision means that virtually all new proposed coal plants must now go back and address their carbon dioxide emissions.

Since coal plants are responsible for 30% of our Nation's carbon dioxide pollution, this decision has huge implications for the fight against global warming. It also opens the door to begin building a clean energy future.

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