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Volume VI, #139
Nov 25, 2008

"The greeniacs are taking over the world."

-- Don Blankenship, CEO of coal giant Massey Energy

In this issue

1)Take Action: Repower, Refuel and Rebuild America
2) Get to Know: Get to Know Your Congresspeople
3) Take Action: Give the Gift of Nature
4) Victory: Coal State Officials Reject Mining Proposal

1) Take Action: Repower, Refuel and Rebuild America
As the Obama administration begins to take shape, it is critical that hear from you.

We have a great opportunity right now to begin creating a clean energy future -- by getting all of our energy from clean sources, cutting our dependence on oil, creating clean energy jobs and reducing global warming by 80%.

Are you looking forward to working with President-elect Obama on these critical priorities?

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2) Get to Know: Get to Know Your Congresspeople
Thanks in part to the hard work of Sierra Club members like you, both the House and Senate now boast a host of newly elected leaders who support the environmental and economic policies that will put our country back on track. With a focus on clean energy, it's clear that the steps we need to take to help our economy recover can also help our climate recover.

Learn about the new members and their environmental agendas.


3)Take Action: Give the Gift of Nature
As we start the holiday season, one of the best gifts we can give our children is a chance to experience the outdoors. Getting outside and engaging in environmental lessons at an early age sets kids up for a lifetime of involvement in outdoor activities and improves their academic, behavioral and physical performance.

Tell Congress to support the No Child Left Inside Act so that today's youth can learn about the environment and tomorrow’s workers are prepared to enter the green job market.

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Support the No Child Left Inside Act!

4) Victory: Coal State Officials Reject Mining Proposal
The latest opposition to a Bush administration rule change that would clear the way for an increase in destructive mountaintop removal mining comes from two unlikely places: Kentucky and Tennessee. Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear and Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen, as well as U.S. Representatives Ben Chandler and John Yarmuth and Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway, all submitted letters opposing the repeal of the Stream Buffer Zone Rule, which prohibits mining within 100 feet of streams.

Congressman Chandler summarized the flawed logic behind this proposed rule change: "The Office of Surface Mining's proposed overhaul of the Stream Buffer Zone rule does nothing but harm the Appalachian communities it purports to help." Even in the heart of coal country these officials have realized that we don't have to sacrifice our waters and communities to keep the lights on. There are better options.

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