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Sierra Club Currents - Inconvenient Details, Unearthing the Truth
Volume VI, #48
Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Quote of Note:

"Headlines above the fold that will knock your socks off in terms of our commitment to energy independence."

- President Bush's top economic advisor, Al Hubbard on what Americans can expect from tonight's State of the Union address

(1) Inconvenient Details: Unearthing the Truth
(2) Congress: Global Warming Tops List
(3) Take Action: Support a Clean Energy Future!
(4) Take Action: Save the Rainforests!

(1) Inconvenient Details: Unearthing the Truth

Despite coal industry claims, the technology to create "clean coal" power plants is still years away, according to a report released yesterday by the Department of Energy. And even once the technology advances enough for wide-spread use, it will still significantly increase the amount of global warming pollution emitted into our atmosphere. If instead of investing millions to keep old, dirty energy alive, we invested in cleaner technologies, like efficiency and renewable energy, we could reap a host of benefits- create jobs, improve energy security, and help fight global warming.

Learn more about smart energy solutions.

(2) Congress: Global Warming Tops List

With the establishment of a new global warming committee, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has made it clear that global warming and energy independence will be top priorities in Congress this year. In an effort to jump-start government action on global warming the committee aims to finish a greenhouse gas reduction bill in time to have an energy independent Independence Day.

Find out what you can do to curb global warming.

(Photo courtesy NREL)

(3) Take Action: Support a Clean Energy Future!

Last week the House of Representatives passed a bill to create a multi-billion dollar fund for new investment in clean energy by rolling back subsidies for Big Oil. Now it's up to the Senate to take similar action to put an end to the corrupting influence of Big Oil on Congress. We've taken the first steps toward decreasing our dependence on oil, now we need to ensure we stay on the path to a cleaner energy future.

Tell your senator to direct funding to support clean, renewable energy sources that benefit the environment and the American consumer.

(Photo courtesy NREL)

(4) Take Action: Save the Rainforests!

We need fair trade policies that we are proud to support and that value our health and our natural resources. Yet, the U.S.- Peru Free Trade Agreement, which is now pending before Congress does nothing to encourage the protection of endangered species or of the Amazon Rainforest-an essential component to mitigating the effects of global warming. Urge Congress to go back to the drawing board and create an agreement that will benefit us all.

Protect the rainforests of Peru and help combat global warming!


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