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February 3, 2009

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Governor to MI: Clean Energy before Coal

Washington, D.C: In her State of the State address this evening, Michigan’s Gov. Jennifer Granholm will announce sweeping changes that will position Michigan to lead on clean, alternative energy. The Governor’s new plan will effectively put the brakes on Michigan’s new coal plants, while also spurring renewable energy and efficiency for homes and schools.

Some specifics of the plan include:
- Reducing dependence on fossil fuels 45% by 2020
- Requiring all new coal plant developers to go back to the drawing board and consider clean energy alternatives to the coal plants
- Weatherization of at least 100,000 homes and 1,000 schools
- Promotion of distributive generation, including wind and solar on schools

In response Bruce Nilles, Director of the Sierra Club’s Move Beyond Coal Campaign issued the following statement.

"Governor Granholm’s bold leadership has put Michigan at the forefront of clean energy and economic development. By pausing the coal rush to take a hard look at the alternatives available the Governor is positioning Michigan to the make the smart decisions needed to be a real player in the new clean energy economy.

"In these tough economic times we must invest wisely, at both the state and federal level—putting our money where we will get the most in return. Right now the development and production of renewable energy and energy efficiency programs have the potential to really be the work horses of job growth.

"Focusing on newer, cleaner, more efficient technology and not wasting money on costly, business-as-usual approaches like new coal plants, is vital to helping both our economy and our climate recover. We applaud Governor Granholm for her vision and her dedication to making Michigan a leader in clean energy."


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