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Feb 10, 2009: In This Edition of the Insider
  • How Green Is Your Love Life? 
  • Urge President Obama to Say "No" to Tar Sands
  • Arches National Park Gets a Break
  • Help Expose the Clean Coal Myth
  • Sierra Club President Allison Chin Has Something to Say
  • Free Missy Higgins Download
  • Sierra Club Outings Wins Best Adventure Travel Company
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    How Green Is Your Love Life?
    How Green Is Your Love Life?Birds do it. Bees do it. Even carbon-eating trees do it. Now, we know that the trees are making the planet greener, but what about the rest of us?

    Is your love life taking a toll on your eco karma?

    Take our quiz and find out.

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    President Obama: Just Say "No" to Tar Sands
    Tar-Sands OilPresident Obama will make his first presidential visit abroad next week to Canada, where he faces pressure to support production of tar sands oil, considered the dirtiest form of energy on earth.

    Please sign our petition urging him to stay true to his goal of a clean-energy economy and to call for regulation of tar sands as part of any climate agreement with Canada.

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    Good News from Utah
    Arches National ParkLast December, the Sierra Club and a coalition of other environmental groups filed suit to stop oil and gas leases for drilling on more than 100,000 acres of Utah wilderness, much of it surrounding iconic treasures like Arches National Park. Last week, the Interior Department announced that it would cancel the leases.

    "The Obama administration clearly understands that instead of allowing the oil industry to destroy places like Arches National Park," said Sierra Club Deputy Director Bruce Hamilton, "we should be investing in the kind of clean-energy-solutions that curb global warming and leave our natural treasures intact."

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    Bad News for Coal
    CoalThe movement to expose the myth of "clean coal" continues to gather momentum, as the last couple of weeks have seen a rash of defeats for the coal industry.

    You can download the details from the blog of Bruce Nilles, director of the Club's "Move Beyond Coal" campaign. 

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    Power to Change
    Allison ChinLast month, Sierra Club President Allison Chin helped clean up the Anacostia River as part of the National Day of Service, took the crowded Metro into Washington, D.C. for the Inauguration the next day, and then was invited to the White House a week later for President Obama's first major action on energy and the environment.

    And in her spare time, she's writing a biweekly email -- Power to Change -- to share her experiences as well as news about the Club's clean-energy agenda.

    You can read her D.C. report here and sign up to receive Power to Change here.


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    Missy Higgins Wants to Thank You with a Song
    Missy HigginsAchieving an 80 percent reduction in carbon emissions by 2050 sounds like a tall order, but it really comes down to cutting a manageable 2 percent a year.

    If you're ready to pledge to reduce your own emissions by that much this year, then Australian singer-songwriter Missy Higgins would like to say thanks by giving you a free, unreleased version of the song "Where I Stood" from her latest album.

    So do the right thing and get a free music download now!

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    It's Official: We Really Are the Best!
    National Geographic AdventureSierra Club Outings was awarded Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth 2009 by the editors of National Geographic's ADVENTURE. This is the second year in a row we've been included, and this year we took home the top score in the hiking and trekking category.

    We also won special recognition for affordability, with 181 trips under $1,000. Not too shabby for a volunteer-run outfit born out of a stroll through Tuolumne Meadows more than 100 years ago.

    Check out this year's trips.

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    Will It Hurt?
    President Obama has made moving to a green economy a centerpiece of his economic recovery plan as well as a key strategy for dealing with climate change. But will weaning ourselves from carbon-dependent energy sources cause economic hardship?

    Sierra Club Executive Director Carl Pope argues in Yale's e360 magazine that a well-designed package of market reforms, done correctly, will lead to a future that is both prosperous and beneficial. 


    Blacks Living Green

    Blacks Living Green
    As Carl Pope points out in his foreword to Sharon T. Freeman's new book, Blacks Living Green, America's first African-American president also promises to be America's greenest-ever president.

    Freeman's book tells the personal and inspiring stories of black Americans -- from a septuagenarian personal trainer to Jackie Robinson's coffee-farming son -- for whom "the green light went on." 



    Save Our Wildlands
    The Omnibus Public Land Management Act will permanently protect more than 2 million acres of wilderness. Congress is scheduled to vote tomorrow.

    Call your representative's office now

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