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February 19, 2009

Contact: Kristina Johnson

Obama Carries Clean Energy Message to Canada

OTTAWA-Today, President Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper met in Ottawa, where they discussed energy and agreed to work together to tackle global warming.

Statement of Sierra Club Dirty Fuels Campaign Coordinator Pat Gallagher

"We hope today’s meeting is the start of cooperation between our nations to address global warming."

"President Obama has made it clear since taking office that he's serious about tackling climate change. He's made clean energy a key part of his economic recovery package. He's already taking bold steps to cut global warming emissions from coal plants and cars and create green jobs. We hope Canada will follow suit."

"Tar sands oil is the dirtiest oil on earth. It is the fastest growing source of global warming emissions in Canada. It has no place in a clean energy economy."

"Technology is a key part of tackling global warming. We need to research every avenue for cleaning up global warming emissions. Carbon capture and storage has been suggested as a hope for cleaning up tar sands emissions. Unfortunately, carbon capture and storage is an unproven technology that isn't in use yet. As President Obama noted today, the technology is not yet cost-effective."

"We should be focusing on the clean energy and efficiency solutions that already exist, the solutions President Obama has laid out that will create green jobs and stimulate our economy."

"Both Canadians and Americans need green jobs, healthy communities and swift and decisive action on climate change. Both of our countries have a tremendous supply of clean, renewable energy sources that won't contribute to global warming, harm public health or destroy the environment. An investment in clean energy would boost our economies and create much-needed lasting, sustainable jobs in both of our countries."

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