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Volume VII, #9
March 3, 2009

"[There is] no reason to believe that the water is not safe."

-- Tennessee Valley Authority spokesman Gil Francis on the waters affected by the coal ash spill

In this issue

1) Take Action: Ask your Rep. to Unleash the Potential of Energy Efficiency
2) Take Action: Help Restore the Endangered Species Act
3) Student Action: Power Shift 2009
4) Coal: New Reality Ad

1) Take Action: Ask your Rep. to Unleash the Potential of Energy Efficiency!
Energy BillsWe need aggressive action from Congress to curb global warming emissions and build a clean energy future. The Save American Energy Act will address our pressing economic, energy and environmental challenges by requiring that utilities gradually increase energy savings and establishing an Energy Efficiency Resource Standard (EERS).

The Act will reduce consumer's energy bills, cut global warming pollution and avoid the construction of over 300 expensive, new power plants.

Currents action alert arrowAsk your Representative in Congress to co-sponsor the Save American Energy Act (HR 889) today.


2) Take Action: Help Restore the Endangered Species Act!
Polar BearsBefore leaving office, President Bush took a couple parting shots at the Endangered Species Act -- eliminating scientific review of agency projects and allowing oil and gas drilling in sensitive polar bear habitat.

While President Obama announced today he will work to restore these protections, there are still senators committed to keeping President Bush's bad rules on the books.

Currents action alert arrow Urge your senators to vote against any amendment to the appropriations bill that would weaken the Endangered Species Act or remove protections for the polar bear.


3) Student Action: Power Shift 2009
Power Shift 2009More than 12,000 students descended on Washington, D.C. this weekend to rally for clean energy and lobby for strong global warming legislation.

With trainings, concerts, speakers and lobby visits the weekend of action kicked off what could be a historic year as President Obama and Congress rebuild our economy and work to pass bold, just climate and energy policies that prioritize renewable energy and green jobs.

See for yourself  -- check out event photos from the Sierra Student Coalition

4) Coal: New Reality Ad Clean Coal Air Freshener
Check out the latest ad from the Reality Coalition! Directed by the Academy Award Winners Joel and Ethan Coen, the ad challenges the coal industry's "clean coal" claims.

With the coal industry spending record amounts lobbying against global warming legislation, it's more important than ever to expose the truth behind their empty promises.



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