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March 10, 2009: In This Edition of the Insider
  • How Green Is Your Seafood? 
  • Join Ashley Judd to Stop Mountaintop-Removal Coal Mining
  • The Greenest Garage Sale
  • Your Image Makes It to the EPA
  • Call to Protect Your Wild Lands
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    How Green Is That Roughy in the Window?
    How Green is Your Fish?Bertie Wooster attributed the genius of his butler Jeeves to "a prodigious consumption of fish." And everyone knows that many kinds of seafood (even shrimp!) contain beneficial omega-3 fatty acids. But with many of the world's fisheries already in collapse or teetering on the brink, it seems like you need a Jeeves of your own just to order a guilt-free seafood dinner.

    Well, perhaps your own brain is already so fish-fortified that our "How Green Is My Seafood" quiz will be a cinch. But if you're hazy on the difference between roughy and ruffe, have a go anyway. Because after this quiz, you'll know more about fish than Mrs. Paul.

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    Ashley Judd Helps Save Appalachia's Mountains
    Join Ashley Judd and Help Stop the DestructionFilm star Ashley Judd has joined with the Sierra Club to help stop mountaintop-removal coal mining, a brutal process where coal companies literally blow the tops off mountains to extract the coal. After the explosions, the mining waste and toxic debris pour down the mountainside -- filling valleys, burying streams, and creating miles of barren moonscape. If you haven't seen it, you should -- you won't believe your eyes.

    Judd grew up in eastern Kentucky and, like so many Appalachians, sees the mountains as her "heritage and legacy to future generations." So in her recent personal note to Sierra Club supporters, she reminded us that "it only takes one year for a coal company to destroy a mountain that has existed for close to 300 million years." Join Ashley Judd and help stop the destruction because, as she says: "Once these mountains are gone, they are gone forever."

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    The World's Greenest Garage Sale
    SealSpring-cleaning time is here, and Sierra Club supporters around the country are joining celebrities like Seal, pictured at left, and Missy Higgins to make a difference through our "virtual garage sale." It's easy, fun, and a great way to help raise critical funds for the Sierra Club Foundation.

    Here's how it works: You take your old snowboard, toaster oven, iPod, or anything else and post it for sale on the brand-new Facebook Marketplace and designate the money to go to the Sierra Club Foundation. How much of an impact could this make? If every Facebook member sold just one item for $10, more than $1 billion would be raised.

    This Thursday, Grammy-award winning artist Seal, will sell five autographed CDs to benefit the Sierra Club Foundation...what will you sell (or buy) for the cause?

    And don't forget, reselling and reusing saves energy and keeps stuff from ending up in landfills. So what are you waiting for?

    Check out some of the great items that Sierra Club supporters have already posted for sale

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    You Sent a Message -- the EPA Listened
    EPA Holds the Key to Clean CarsLast week, the EPA held a hearing in Washington, D.C. to consider granting California a waiver to implement clean car standards that would reduce greenhouse gas emissions from passenger cars and trucks.

    The Sierra Club presented a photo petition showing more than 1,000 concerned folks from across the country who couldn't attend the hearing in person. Each person held up his or her car keys to send the message that the "EPA Holds the Key to Clean Cars." We even created a photo mosaic in the shape of the agency's own logo from some of the photos.

    Stay tuned, because we'll continue this fight through April, when it's time to submit comments directly to the EPA. 

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    Protect Your Public Lands
    Mount HoodNow is your chance to get one last call in to protect over two million acres of wilderness in eight states.

    The House will be voting tomorrow on S. 22, The Omnibus Public Land Management Act, and the bill needs a two-thirds majority to win. We need your help now.

    Please call your representatives and tell them to vote Yes on S. 22. The Omnibus Public Land Act would protect such American treasures as the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California, Oregon's Mt. Hood, and Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. This would be the greatest expansion of the National Wilderness Preservation System in 15 years, and would forever preserve these important American icons for the benefit of future generations.

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    More than 2,000 natural sandstone arches, millions of years of geologic history, and not nearly enough people to keep it all maintained. Every year, the National Park Service at Utah's Arches National Park makes a "wish list" of projects and waits for Sierra Clubbers to return in the spring to help.

    From fence repair to trail work to exotic-vegetation removal, our teams have helped this beautiful park shine year after year.

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    Sierra Magazine's Annual Travel Contest

    Let It Lay
    It's time for SIERRA magazine's annual travel contest, and this year's is all about eggs.

    Take a crack at answering all the questions and you could win an Outings certificate worth $1,000 (along with a clutch of other prizes). 


    Population Justice Environmental Challenge

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    The Sierra Club is launching the Population Justice Environmental Challenge. Learn how we can create a world that is equitable, sustainable, and just -- by uniting for human rights, community health, gender equality, and environmental protection. 


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