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Sierra Club Currents - New Plan for Tackling Global Warming Emissions
Volume VI, #50
Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Quote of Note:

"I am distressed that the agency has said there will be no required testing of our drinking water for the dangerous chemical perchlorate. This is …one of several recent EPA actions undermining health protection."

- Senator Boxer (D-CA), in response to an EPA failure to protect public health- a subject on the agenda for today's EPA accountability hearing.

(1) Global Warming: New Plan for Tackling Emissions
(2) In the Hot Seat: Boxer vs. the EPA
(3) Take Action: Stop Wasting Money on Dead-end Drilling!
(4) Take Action: Protect Kids from Toxic Jewelry

(1) Global Warming:New Plan for Tackling Emissions

The Sierra Club and energy experts from the American Solar Energy Society unveiled a report last week detailing how the U.S. could cut global warming emissions 60-80% by 2050 -- using only efficiency and renewables. The report provides a roadmap not only for where we want to be in terms of emission levels, but also how we can get there using solutions that are available today. This report lays out how we can build a new energy economy based on clean energy, and new, good-paying manufacturing jobs.

Read the full report.

Photo courtesy NREL.

(2) In the Hot Seat: Boxer vs. the EPA

Senator Boxer put EPA Administrator Johnson on the hot seat today, questioning recent rulings that have put politics before public health, including decisions to rollback air pollution standards, put policy recommendations in the hands of political appointees- not scientists, and close EPA libraries. Although the list of questionable EPA decisions was too long to address in one hearing, a panel of doctors and scientists did have a chance to weigh in on the harmful health effects of EPA's poor judgment.

Learn what else happened at the hearing.

Photo courtesy of the White House.

(3) Take Action: Stop Wasting Money on Dead-end Drilling!

Despite President Bush's acknowledgement that America is "addicted to oil," his recently released FY '08 budget again includes speculative revenue from proposed drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. However, Congress has repeatedly rejected President Bush's attempts to force Arctic Refuge drilling into the federal budget.

Send a message to Congress and President Bush; "Stop wasting energy on dead-end drilling schemes and start charting a course to a cleaner energy future."

(4) Take Action:Protect Kids from Toxic Jewelry

Nearly 300,000 young American children have blood lead levels high enough to cause irreversible damage. While many young children have been affected by lead from paint in older homes, other children are being exposed to the toxin through toys, especially toy jewelry, they love. Every one of these cases is avoidable. In fact, right now the Consumer Safety Product Commission is considering banning lead in toy jewelry.

Make your voice heard- tell the Consumer Safety Product Commission to Protect Our Children's Health!

Photo courtesy Consumer Product Safety Division.

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