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Sierra Club Currents - Citizens Rally for Clean Energy
Volume VI, #51
Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Quote of Note:

"We don't know what those other cycles were caused by in the past. Could be dinosaur flatulence, you know, or who knows?"

-Rep. Dana Rohrabacher R-CA, on the cause of previous warming cycles

(1) Texas: Citizens Rally for Clean Energy
(2) Everglades Skyway: No Ordinary Alliance
(3) Take Action: Support Fair Trade!
(4) Take Action: Say YES to Renewable Energy!

(1) Texas: Citizens Rally for Clean Energy

Over 1,000 people rallied at the state Capitol this weekend, urging lawmakers to slow down TXU Corporation's plans to build 11 new coal-fired power plants in Texas and look instead to efficiency and renewable energy sources. Under orders from Gov. Rick Perry the proposed TXU plants are being fast tracked through the permitting process, pushing the plants through despite a recent study showing that the TXU plants would worsen air quality around Texas cities, like Dallas-Fort Worth.

Read the air quality study.

(2) Everglades Skyway: No Ordinary Alliance

The business community, chambers of commerce and the Sierra Club have joined together to promote a one-of-a-kind bridge and road project -- the Everglades Skyway. The Skyway would restore the historic sheet water flows into Everglades National Park and other surrounding natural areas -- while providing jobs and local economic opportunities. Once finished this miniature Blue Ridge Parkway will bring tourists from all over the country to enjoy the Everglades natural beauty.

Learn more about the Skyway and the coalition's work.

(3) Take Action: Support Fair Trade!

We need fair trade policies that we are proud to support and that value our health and our natural resources. Yet, the U.S. -- Peru Free Trade Agreement, which is now pending before Congress does nothing to encourage the protection of endangered species or of the Amazon Rainforest -- an essential component to mitigating the effects of global warming. Urge Congress to go back to the drawing board and create an agreement that will benefit us all.

Protect the rainforests of Peru and help combat global warming!

(4) Take Action: Say YES to Renewable Energy!

Now more than ever, our country needs to invest in clean, renewable energy sources like wind and solar power. Last week, legislation was introduced in the House of Representatives that would require that 20 percent of America's electricity comes from clean, renewable energy sources by 2020. Already, over twenty States around the country have passed similar laws. Setting a national standard would curb global warming and create thousands of new clean energy jobs.

Urge your Representative to sponsor the Udall-Platts Renewable Energy Standard (H.R. 969)!

(Photo courtesy NREL.)

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