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17th Annual "Big Yard Sale”

Saturday May 17, 2014 - University of Richmond

Help divert good stuff from the Landfill.  FOJG Volunteers Needed.

FOJG members and family members register by April 22 (John Muir’s Birthday!).

Please indicate the time that you are offering in the “My Time” section of this form.  We prefer you volunteer for at least four hours as that facilitates our planning efforts.  In particular, please consider helping on Monday because the Monday effort determines how much good stuff we recover and how much goes to the land fill. The biggest volunteer need is from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm as students rush to empty their apartments ahead of the UofR deadline. Lunch is provided on Monday.  The volunteer need including date, time and task is described below.

There are positions for persons of all abilities- everyone can help!

We apologize, but this action is no longer available. Please visit our Action Center for current opportunities:



·    Volunteer Recruitment. Solicit participation by phone tree.
·    Gym Setup: Unload and setup tables in gym, establish walking isles and laydown areas.
·    Dumpster Diversion: Teams of two to three divert stuff from a dumpster to a collection area for pickup by the transportation team.  Presort into categories: Houseware, Books/Office, Bedding/ Linens, Furniture, Soft goods and Electronics/Other.
·    Transportation: Two teams of five run the circuit of dumpsters, loading presorted materials into large trucks for delivery to the gym.  Supplement unloading and transporting of good stuff into laydown areas in the gym.
·    Sorting: Teams are assigned to designated areas in the gym to receive and organize the good stuff.   
·    Hospitality: Prepare and serve bag lunches and deliver water to all workers.  Lunches should be prepared in advance of the work day and delivered to the site on the workday.  Four volunteers should be at the worksite site from 10 am to 3 pm.
·    Volunteers Support: Setup registration station, receive and register volunteers including name tag, direct volunteers to the appropriate work area.
·    Final Sorting: Continue organizing gym for the yard sale.  The number of volunteers needed depends on the results of the Monday effort.  Timing is flexible as the gym will be open from 8am to 8 pm.  
·    Cashier: Bills customer based on price sheet, receives cash or check payment, issues exit ticket to customer
·    Ticket Taker: Collects ticket, discharges customer from gym.
·    Assistants: Help customers find, purchase and remove good stuff from the gym.

Volunteers will mailed a UR campus map with directions to Millhiser Gym and confirmation of days/shifts they agreed to work approximately one week in advance.


Other Information

As in other Sierra Club outings volunteers will be asked to sign a waiver upon arriving at the Millhiser Gymnasium for their volunteered assignment.

FOJG Members and others may also DONATE goods for the Sale by bringing them to the Millhiser Gym Monday or Tuesday. We are unable to make home pick-ups. Monetary Donations in lieu of goods donated to the Sale are welcome! (Make out Checks to The Sierra Club Foundation, Memo:  Falls of the James Group Acct GG3552), monetary gifts to the FOJG Foundation are tax deductible!)

Invite friends/neighbors to the Sale-Great Bargains in clothes, furniture, appliances!  This is FOJG’s most important fundraiser of the Year – (The “Big Yard Sale” grossed over $12,000 last year!).  We share the Sale proceeds with “Green UR” a student group that uses the proceeds to attend environmental conferences to augment knowledge, to promote special events such as “Environmental Awareness Week,” “Recyclemania”, Earthday, and to publicize the group in general.

Some students leave good stuff that can be recovered the weeks preceding the main event.  If you would like to volunteer for these pre-graduation weekend runs, contact John Zeugner at or 804-288-5005.

  • Sat. April 26 or Sun. April 27
  • Sat. May 3 and Sun. May 4
  • Sat. May 10 and Sun. May 11