Bloomberg Philanthropies Teams Up with the Sierra Club

Michael Brune and Michael Bloomberg
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Donate to the Sierra Club

Bloomberg Philanthropies is bringing $50 million to the Sierra Club's fight to end coal and usher in a new clean energy future. This is a game changer, but we can't win without you.

Whether it's writing a letter to your newspaper, recruiting ten of your friends and family to get involved, or volunteering a couple hours a week at your local Sierra Club office, tell us what you can do to help move our country Beyond Coal.

Pledge your support today!

We apologize, but this action is no longer available. Please visit our Action Center for current opportunities:
See what others have pledged:

"Recruit friends and volunteer at the local Sierra Club office." Mark M.

"Forward all of Sierra Club emails." Laura C.

"Starting a local blog on sustainable energies." Edward K.

"Going on Sierra Club's Clean Energy tour in Cleveland" Brehenna W.

"Tell my mom's friends in Taos that they should urge the utility and our local elected officials to invest in clean technologies and renewables." Kristina O.

"Installing solar panels on our roof this summer" Tracei and Erich C.

"Write letters to Duke Energy and local legislators to urge them stop their plans for new coal plants in North Carolina."
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