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Sierra Club, Arizona's Grand Canyon Chapter

Take action on energy issues

Take action on public lands issues

Stop Legislature's Attack on Public Lands!
Thank Governor Brewer for Vetoing HB2541
Protect Grand Canyon Watershed
Ask President Obama to establish Grand Canyon Watershed National Monument
Save Grand Canyon's Ancient Pines from Timber Sale
Take action to urge Kaibab National Forest to stop the Wild Buck Timber Sale, which would remove more than 1,000 rare old-growth trees on the North Rim of Grand Canyon.
Urgent - The Borderlands Need Your Help!
Contact your representative to encourage comprehensive immigration reform that doesn't come at the cost of border communities and the environment.

Take action on water issues

Take action on wildlife issues

Speak Up for Wolves!
Please thank Governor Brewer for vetoing anti-wolf bills

Take action on other issues

Protect Citizen Initiatives
Help us stop a bill to hinder citizen initiatives by contacting your legislators today!
Protect Our Constitutional Rights!
As your senator to vote no and reject weakening citizen initiatives