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Take action on energy issues

Say NO to out-of-state coal!
Please sign a petition asking Tucson Electric Power to invest in clean energy rather than dirty out-of-state coal.

Take action on public lands issues

Help Us Protect Our Borderlands!
Send a message to your senator and representatives to please vote NO on S.750 and H.R.1412. These proposals are unnecessary, and would undermine the rule of law.
Protect Grand Canyon Watershed
Ask President Obama to designate Grand Canyon Watershed National Monument as America's next national monument.
Restore the Rule of Law in Our Borderlands!
Ten years ago, passage of the Real ID Act resulted in the largest waiver of law in U.S. history. Please send a message to your Congressional representatives asking them to restore the rule of law on our borderlands.
Urgent - The Borderlands Need Your Help!
Contact your representative to encourage comprehensive immigration reform that doesn't come at the cost of border communities and the environment.

Take action on water issues

Take action on wildlife issues

Endangered Wolves Need Your Voice!
Please ask the US Fish & Wildlife Service to release more wolves to aid in their recovery.

Take action on other issues