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Sierra Club, Arizona's Grand Canyon Chapter

Take action on energy issues

Speak Up Now for Low Utility Bills!
Please sign our letter opposing the elimination of Arizona's Energy Efficiency Standards!
Support Strong Climate Action
Send a message letting President Obama and the EPA know that you support efforts to reduce carbon pollution from power plants.

Take action on public lands issues

Please Speak Up on the Uinkaret Mountain Vegetation Project
The Bureau of Land Management is planning to treat approximately 130,000 acres within and adjacent to Grand CanyonParashant National Monument in Arizona. Please submit comments encouraging it to protect the entire ecosystem.
Protect Grand Canyon from Development
Tell Kaibab National Forest that Tusayan development is controversial and needs full environmental review.
Protect Grand Canyon Watershed
Ask President Obama to establish Grand Canyon Watershed National Monument
Protect Walnut Canyon - Keep It Open!
Please ask the Flagstaff City Council to take action to protect the Walnut Canyon Study Area!
Save Oak Flat!
Save Oak Flat and surrounding areas from a proposed land exchange and associated mining activities.
Urgent - The Borderlands Need Your Help!
Contact your representative to encourage comprehensive immigration reform that doesn't come at the cost of border communities and the environment.

Take action on water issues

Take action on wildlife issues

Take action on other issues