Current Campaigns and Volunteer Leaders


Conservation Commitee
          Tom Van Vechten, Chair,

Energy Team: works to support energy efficiency and renewable energy in the state and reducing global warming pollution from current sources, including the single largest source from the coal-fired power plant called Merrimack Station in Bow.
          Jerry Curran, Chair,

Fundraising Team: leads the fundraising efforts in the state with mailings, events and houseparties
          Laura Scott, Chair,

Outings Team: leads hikes, paddles and other outdoor recreation activies. Go to the calendar for upcoming outings!
          Peter Hope, Chair,

Political Team: coordinates, evaluates, votes and recomends endorsement activities and manages the Political Action Committee in the state.
          Jim Allmendinger, Co-Chair,
          Jerry Curran, Co-Chair,

Transportation Committee: coordinates public support for public transportation with coalition partners and state agencies
         Randy Bryan, Chair,

Recycling Team: Promotes recycling with a network of volunteers by coordinating trainings, presentations and other public outreach
         Ellain Kellerman, Chair,


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