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RMC Executive Committee announces 2013 officers

By Myrna Poticha
RMC ExCom Co-Chair
The Rocky Mountain Chapter (RMC) Executive Committee (ExCom) announces its newly elected officers for 2013. They are: Dave Bryan and Myrna Poticha, co-chairs; Betsy Kelson, vice-chair; and Alison Gallensky, secretary. There is still one vacancy for co-chair since I (Myrna) am stepping down shortly.
The board extends a warm "thank you" to Will Walters for his hard work and vast organizational skills as the 2012 co-chair.
Chairs and vice-chairs ensure that the ExCom meets and deals with its nationally-designated responsibilities to ensure the health and effectiveness of the Sierra Club in Colorado. The committee also meets the provisions of the state bylaws, which are the points of communication and support for the RMC director, the groups, the press, and the general public.

The chair works with the ExCom to create the most appropriate volunteer and staff structure, identifies the right person for each particular job, and helps them understand the job. He or she also follows up to see that people have the support they need to do their jobs adequately. Specific duties of the chair (which may be delegated) are to:

●    Arrange for ExCom meetings.
●    Appoint/reappoint committee chairs and members, in consultation with the ExCom.
●    Inform the national office of changes in committee leaders via "blue sheets."
●    Develop a coordinated calendar of each month's Sierra Club activities.
●    Appoint nominating and election committees.
●    Develop and distribute an agenda for each ExCom meeting.
●    Conduct ExCom meetings according to the agenda.
●    Bring parties together to resolve problems and conflicts.
●    Communicate with general membership through the newsletter or electronically.
●    Maintain a record of significant events, meetings, conversations and ideas, both for the current chair's reference and for the use of the succeeding chair.
●    Before leaving office, train a replacement.

If the chapter has employed staff, the chapter chair is considered the most senior individual at the chapter level responsible for chapter compliance with club employment policies and activities. The chair attends appropriate club training and remains informed regarding club employment policies and practices. He or she is responsible for reviewing and approving staff time reporting (which may be delegated).

Finally, the chair may assign staff management responsibilities to other chapter volunteer leaders or to a senior staff person, such as the chapter director. Each ExCom officer and member can be reached at firstname.lastname@rmc.sierraclub.org.   


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