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Go solar in Colorado with the Sierra Club

By Carol Carpenter

RMC Communications Team

As you look up at the blue Colorado skies this summer and feel the warmth of the almost ever-present sun on your face, do you ask yourself why you haven’t joined the growing numbers of homeowners who have harnessed this abundant and clean energy to cool and warm your own home?

You can join 26 other Colorado families who have converted their homes to solar power through Sierra Club’s partnership with Sungevity, one of the country's leading rooftop solar providers. This innovative program provides a vital opportunity for you to support clean energy, cut pollution and save money.

Sierra Club, for the second year in a row, has made this solar option easy and affordable for individuals and families around the country, including large portions of Colorado. Sungevity provides a map to show where the program is available.


Whether you buy or lease your new solar power panels, you will get a $ 750 cash gift card back from Sungevity. And here’s another great advantage for you as a Sierra Club member or supporter: Every solar system installed sends $750 to Sierra Club's local efforts in Colorado. This means your Rocky Mountain Chapter (RMC) will benefit in a big way from this program.


Requesting an iQuote for solar is quick and easy; it takes less than 3 minutes. Get started now!

Executive Director Michael Brune, who has converted his own home to solar, said all Sierra Club members and friends can do their part “to fight climate change by powering your home with clean energy from the sun and save money on your electric bills at the same time.”

Homeowners who convert to solar this summer can lock in an affordable electricity rate, protect themselves against rising electricity rates for the next 20 years, and free themselves from dirty energy with no upfront investment. The initiative will also create a variety of clean-energy jobs in Colorado that will help the overall economy.

Powering your home with solar energy is the single best way to shrink one’s carbon footprint, since installing solar panels in just one home is roughly the equivalent as 1.5 fewer cars on the road.

“The incredible benefits of displacing dirty fossil fuels with more clean energy, is a win-win-win for everyone,” Brune said.

Solar in Colorado

Joshua Ruschhaupt, RMC director, is pleased to promote this program in Colorado. “If a Sierra Club member or supporter wants to make a tangible difference, every day in their lives, to make the world a better place, installing solar panels for electricity use is one of the best ways,” he said, noting that Colorado's Renewable Energy Standard is only approaching 30 percent renewable energy within the next few years.

Colorado was selected for the program, Ruschhaupt explained, because it has a population that wants solar energy instead of dirty fossil fuels. “Demand for renewables is extremely high in Colorado,” he said. “Xcel Energy's Windsource program is in extremely high demand, so much so that they can't keep up with their customer's desire for renewable energy power, and there are even caps put in place to limit available supply.”

Ruschhaupt likes to consider the positive impact of large numbers of Colorado homeowners switching to 100 percent renewable this summer ─ actions that would not only help improve the environment but also reduce individual electricity bills. “That's the world Sierra Club is working to create: to provide solutions to answer the fossil fuel debacle,” he said.

Many advantages to solar

Ruschhaupt sees many advantages in the solar initiative.

“I'm hard-pressed to see any downsides,” he said. “Let's see: fewer pollution-related deaths and health impacts from coal and natural gas; less damage to Colorado's ecosystems from fossil fuel extraction used in Colorado power plants; less carbon dioxide in our atmosphere from power plant smokestacks; a real solution to climate change and all of its symptoms that we're currently experiencing (winter snowpack instability, early runoff seasons, droughts, and bark beetle overpopulation, for example); and more jobs in the clean-energy economy.”

Money raised by this campaign will support everything RMC does to explore, enjoy, and protect Colorado, Ruschhaupt said. “It will, for example, help us build an oil and gas campaign that is fighting an industry that has run amok throughout Colorado.”

Funds raised will also support RMC’s:

  • outings program,

  • work on legislative issues,

  • fight against Front Range water grabs of West Slope water sources, such as the Flaming Gorge Pipeline,

  • fight to save Colorado's last roadless wild lands, and

  • efforts to create new wilderness and national monument areas.

“Sierra Club is excited to be in a partnership with Sungevity,” Ruschhaupt said. “They have a great track record of excellent customer service and great solar installations. As a benefit corporation, or B-Corp, they aren't only in the business of making money like standard corporations; they're in the business of helping us in part of our mission to protect the planet.”

For frequently asked questions and answers: http://www.sungevity.com/faq. If you are interested in the solar campaign for your home, here’s how it works:

  1. Enter your address and energy use on our website to get a free solar evaluation for your home.

  2. Your free Sungevity email quote will detail your solar options, show you what your home would look like, and reveal how much you would save.


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